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Locationauto.ma is based in Morocco and established in 2007. Owned by private interests, Locationauto.ma was prepared as a leader since ist inception, becoming one of the leading car rentals Moroccan to specialize in the rental of vehicles for short, medium and long term. His service and collection of customers Patrol is also a recognized initiative from both sides of the industry. Today Locationauto.ma operates over 300 vehicles across Morocco.

The commitment of Locationauto.ma, unsurpassed service and ist ability to provide value to ist tenants have earnded the loyalty of ist customers indisputable.

Our vehicles are new or very recent. They are frequently renewed in order to provide efficient service and quality. True to ist philosophy, so Locationauto.ma takes ist customers that it is ready to go home for the pick!

Locationauto.ma, is a company is booming! Whatever your needs, drop by Locationauto.ma to be filled! Our team Locationauto.ma will be happy to serve you!

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Could check arrivel times, our plane came an houre earlie and waiting around don't help, otherwise exellent
Hassan E.