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Khartum, apart from being the capital city of the Republic of Sudan is also the second largest city in the region. It is located at the confluence of the Blue Nile that flows from the Western part of Ethiopia, and the White Nile that flows from the northern side of Lake Victoria. The city has extreme hot climate and the temperature remains hot even during the winter season. It is considered one of the hottest capital cities in the world. But the nights are comparatively much cooler, and you can roam around by using a car for hire in Khartum.

Take a car for rent in Khartum to visit various places

Khartum has a thriving economy on account of its rich oil reserves. The city streets are lined with tall, green trees and driving through these roads can be a memorable experience. Located on the Nile Avenue is The National Museum that displays art pieces from ancient times along with innumerable Christian era treasures of art. The area also has three big buildings outside the main museum, where you can see the relics of Egyptian monuments and Aswan temples. You can hire a car in Khartum to explore and discover this place of antiquity. The National History Museum located on Gamma Avenue exhibits preserved wild game and birds is a must see site.

Get around Khartum to see tombs and museums

The Ethnological Museum in Khartum is located on the Mekk Nimr Avenue, and has a good collection of handicrafts made in different parts of the country. Whirling Dervishes-Hamad Al Nil is the place where weekly rituals considered vital to Islam are carried out. Since the place is in Omdurman you will need to rent a car in Khartum to visit it. The Mahdi’s Tomb is in the neighborhood of Khalifa House Museum and was restored in 1949. The Khalifa House Museum displays all artifacts showcasing the history of the country.

Other places to visit in Khartum

Some other important tourist spots in Khartum are The Republican Palace Museum, The Kerrari Battlefield, and the Malik II. The Boat building, from where you can see the mud mortifications of the Kerrari Battlefield, is also a place that is worth visiting.

Use car rental in Khartum to visit nearby cities

Some of the cities that you can visit during your trip to Khartum are Sheikh Habibullah, Rumeila, Goz Village, El Qoz, and Rumaylah. Sheikh Habibullah is the closest city to Khartum. It is located at a distance of only 0.1 miles. Book a car rental in Khartoum and visit these interesting cities at your own pace and convenience.

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