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Tarragona refers to a city that is located in the north east of Spain, on the shores of the Mediterranean. The city doubles up as the capital of the Province of Tarragona as well as of the County of Tarragones. The city is situated on a hill that rises to over 160 meters above the Mediterranean. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity with the city of Tarragona include Lleida, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Terrasa, Barcelona and Sabadell.

Exploring Attractions with car for rent in Tarragona

The city of Tarragona is endowed with a number of attractions. The Cyclopean Walls are one such attraction. These walls are extremely well preserved and date back to 218 B.C. The walls have their history intertwined in the Moorish, Roman and Augustan historical eras. The other attraction is the Archaeological Museum of Tarragona which showcases a fine collection of Roman art and exquisite mosaics. The other attraction is the Balcón del Mediterráneo or Balcó del which offers unadulterated views of the coast and the sea. To get to this attraction you need to hire a car in Tarragona.

Other Popular Attractions in Tarragona

There are numerous other attractions in Tarragona. The Cathedral at Tarragona dates back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and is a fine illustration of the shift from the Romanesque to Gothic styles. The other attraction is the Roman Remains that can only be rivaled by the town of Merida in terms of their quantity. To get to these attractions, you need to rent a car in Tarragona.

Other Notable Attractions in Tarragona

There are a number of beaches in Tarragona including the Rabasana, Punta de la Mora, Salou, Sabinosa and Playa de la Pineda which are ideal beaches for sun bathing. The other notable attraction is the early Christian necropolis which dates back to the third to sixth centuries. The other attraction found here is the Roan Forum. To get to these attractions you need car rental in Tarragona.

Getting to Attractions with car for hire in Tarragona

There are numerous other attractions in and around the city of Tarragona that are a must visit for any individual keen on enjoying the attractions that Tarragona has to throw his/her way to the fullest. Some of these attractions include the Harbour, Museu Castellarnau, the Museum of Modern Art, Palacio Arzobispal or Palau Arquebispal, Paseo Arqueológico, Playa del Milagro, Plaza de la Fuente, Pretorio Romano, Rambla Vella, Roman Amphitheater, the Acueducto de las Ferreras, the Arco de Barà, the Ebro Delta, the monastery of Santa María de Poblet, monastery of Santes Creus and much more.

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