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Secluded beaches in Spain

Think of a beach holiday in Spain, and you may well conjure up images of tourist-ridden beaches, children running around, and large groups of people vying for the best spot.

However, there are several spots on the Spanish islands which remain largely untouched and uninhabited by tourists and visitors. We spoke to Heidi Wagoner from Wagoners Abroad and Elle Draper from Spain Buddy to get the lowdown on the best of Spain's exclusive, secluded beach spots.

Secluded beaches in Spain

"When seeking out a secluded beach in Spain, I have a few that immediately come to mind along Costa Tropical in Almuñécar," said Heidi. "This is the area to the east of the Costa del Sol and it isn't overrun with tourists. This section of the coastline is particularly picturesque, with unspoiled coastal areas and mountains cascading right down into the sea - it's really beautiful."

Heidi warned that like much of Spain, the area can get some tourist activity during the summer holidays, so for complete relaxation and exclusivity, it's best to visit between September and June. You can pick up your hire car and drive to Almuñécar from either Granada or Malaga Airport in just 45 minutes.

Another suggestion of Heidi's was the beach along Estepona, around 40 minutes west of Málaga Airport.

"Take a trip here in the Autumn", she advised. "It is located at the tip of Costa del Sol. Just picture yourself walking along the soft, sandy, sun-drenched beaches, yet you don't have to deal with the crowds. All of the beauty of Spain is at your fingertips with tapas, flamenco and small white villages - you can't get much more of an authentic Spanish experience!

"At the end of the day, take a stroll down to Playa del Cristo and stop at the Puerto for tapas at Antonio's."

Beach holiday in spain

Elle also shared her tips for a secluded beach getaway on the traditionally busy beaches of Spain.

"If I had to choose my favourite beach in Spain, it would have to be the Playas del Papagayo in Lanzarote," she said. "Made up of a number of coves, these white sand beaches with crystal clear waters feature regularly amongst the most beautiful beaches in Spain. But be warned - several are popular with tourists and a few of them are for naturists!

"However, if you keep venturing east, you'll find some deserted coves with good privacy and enough room for you to relax."

Elle recommended that you ensure you take enough food and drink for the day as services near the more deserted coves is limited.

"There is just one restaurant available, and opening hours are sporadic at best," she explained. "Also, remember to take plenty of sun cream. It gets very warm and again, as it is quite deserted, there is nowhere to buy these supplies!"

To access the Papagayo beach, head into the centre of Los Coloradas at the far end of Playa Blanca, and park up for free outside the Iberostar Hotel. From there, the coves are signposted and are just a short walk down a cliff.

"The great thing about Papagayo is that it is open all year round," said Elle. "Because it is in the Canary Islands, it enjoys warm weather throughout the year. So if you need to escape the chilly weather in the winter, you can always enjoy some sunshine and a dip in the crystal blue sea in Playa Blanca."

Heidi agreed, and said that the year-round sunshine is what makes so many people head to the Spanish islands. She added that in order to make the most of the sunshine and the exclusive beaches that are on offer, the best way to travel was by car.

"We find that being able to explore on your own and off the beaten path makes the holiday special," she said. " All of the beach resorts in Spain provide easy access parking, and this allows you to explore the surroundings on your schedule.

"The drives along the coast of Spain are just mesmerizing, which you would sometimes miss if you were using public transportation or on a tour."

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Papagayo beach in Lanzarote.Canarias Islands. Spain. Europe. Image ID: 176978063,  © JOSE RAMIRO LAGUNA
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