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Whenever you read the name or hear about Spain, you will probably visualize pristine hillside towns and villages, the bull fight arenas, and beautiful flamenco dancers. With its diverse cultures and many ethnic traditions, you will feel as if that there are not one but many countries in Spain. You will find an abundance of things to do and many attractions and sights that will keep you occupied while you are in the country. It is best that you get a car for hire in Spain to help you roam around the country easily without having to rely on the local transportation services.

Visit Bilbao by getting car for rent in Spain.

Among the many cities of Spain, it is Bilbao that needs to be mentioned first, since the establishment of the Guggenheim Museum there has attracted tourists in large numbers. Designed in a very creative manner by Frank Gehry, it features modern art. But it is the building that you need to focus on. It is a true architectural masterpiece which is not only innovative but also daring. The admission cost is around €8, and the cost will cover an audio tour guide. While you are in the city, visit one of the traditional gourmet bars located here, called Pinxto Bars.

Visit Toledo

If you want to experience a typical Spanish City, then you should also travel to the city of Toledo. It is fondly known as the El Greco’s city. You should include this in your itinerary and hire a car in Spain. The city has seen many empires come and go. It is a museum in itself, with a lot of buildings and architecture that give you a wonderful opportunity to see and relive history. There are many churches, mosques, and buildings that you will find here, including the Castle of San Servando located near the Tagus River. The castle was once a humble monastery, but it was converted into a strong fortress to repulse any Muslim attack from Puente de Alcántara. Now it is an important tourist attraction, and you can not only walk on the ramparts but can also get scenic views of the city.

La Sagrada Família, Barcelona

The city of Barcelona offers you loads of activities and things to do, but it is the La Sagrada Familia which has become a hot tourist destination in Barcelona. This is an astonishing cathedral that even though it was left unfinished, due to the genius of Antoni Gaudi, it is a remarkable place to be. Admission for one person will cost about €18. This will enable you to admire the fairy tale architecture of the cathedral.

Why take local transportation when you can use a car rental in Spain.

There is simply no need for you to rely on local public transportation. The excellent gridlock of the roads that connect all the cities and towns in the country ensures that when you can get an affordable car hire in Spain, you can easily go for drives as you please. With a rented car, you don’t have to worry if it breaks down because rental agencies will replace it after you have notified them.

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