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Salamanca is not born as a ubiquitous city in Spain. Tourists go there because they intend to explore its cultures and student atmosphere. How does Salamanca link with student atmosphere? The University of Salamanca is awarded as the third oldest university in Europe. All in all, Salamanca is an interesting town which will startle you to a certain point.

Free yourself with car for hire in Salamanca

With a car rental in Salamanca, you own a great extent of convenience and flexibility. Basically, Salamanca should be well discovered by foot. However, it is not the first and last stop in the Spanish Mainland. How about Barcelona, Valencia, Valladolid and Segovia? There are sure not restricted to these few cities. You can definitely meet and talk with more Spaniards in this region with a quality car for rent in Salamanca.

You are in World Heritage City

Salamanca is a look-like castle city in the western Spanish region. Its traditional feeling does not overtake the modern city life. Instead, they are blended well inside this city. People over the globe who want to learn Spanish will come here because residents here speak the “purest” language. That tells why you can easily meet a student while travelling around Salamanca. It lies along the Tormes River, is known as one of the prettiest European cities, has been awarded as a World Heritage and, last but not least, has everything for you in this journey.

Get impressed by Salamanca

Its Plaza Mayor is the largest central square and also known as the living room of Salamantinos. Situated in the heart of the city, it contributes to the hustle and bustle. You can pick up one of those delicious cafes and restaurants to enjoy your Spanish lunch or dinner. The Old and New Cathedral are just next to each other and appear as a fine combination. Furthermore, the House of Shells continues the legend of Spain as an architectural country. You can touch and feel its walls which are studded by sandstone shells.

What to do after you rent a car in Salamanca?

Around Salamanca, you can go to a number of charming villages. That is what is offered after you hire a car in Salamanca. For example, Bejar is a town where you can see the famous traditional bullfighting event in Spain. La Sierra de Francia is where you know how a typical village is with fortress and mountain landscape. Otherwise, Arribes de Duero is where you can relax alongside the River Duero and waterfalls. It is also near to some border cities of Portugal such as Braganca.

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