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Playa Blanca, which literally means the ‘White’ beach, is a beautiful place to spend your vacations. It is situated in the southernmost town of Spain’s Lanzarote. The amazing fact about this place is that it is the newest yet the fastest growing resort on the entire island. The resort has its own notary, school, college, church and shops. Once you are here, you just would not want to leave this place as it is so beautifully kept. If you want a holiday which is peaceful and romantic, then just pack your bags. Wait a minute! You would want to read further in order to know more about this place so that it is easier for you to travel here.

Enjoy Your Journey with Car for hire in Playa Blanca

Moving around in Playa Blanca is easier with car for rent in Playa Blanca. If a vacation to Playa Blanca is on your mind, then you need to hire a car in order to have a much easier and convenient vacation. Since there are too many places to visit, it will be better if you opt for the car rental in Playa Blanca services. Let’s see what Playa Blanca has in store for you when it comes to tourist attractions. You can also visit nearby towns such as Puerto Calero, Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Haria which are all located in Lanzarote.

The watchtower – Marina Rubicon

When you are at Playa Blanca, you cannot miss the watchtower known as Marina Rubicon. Marina Rubicon is in the town itself and you can reach here in no time. All you need to do is rent a car in Playa Blanca and visit this wonderful place. This watchtower is really old and is said to be built in the year 1744. The watchtower has a bell which is believed to be a warning bell to warn the people if pirates were close to their town. It certainly has a history and you need to visit this place for sure.

Truly spectacular

The Playa Blanca Bay is something you cannot miss in this life for sure. As soon as the sun goes down, this lovely bay looks truly spectacular. It is like a movie showing right in front of you where everything is beautiful and happy. It is a great place to just sit and watch the sun go down. In plain words – beautiful!

Always Hire a car in Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is one place which is truly magical. Spending your holidays here would be a ‘dream come true’. Why go any other place when heaven is here at Playa Blanca? Just pack your bags and get ready for the most beautiful trip ever!

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