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Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is an island that is a part of Spain. It is adjacent to one of the bigger islands, Majorca. It is named so because, Menorca means small, and it is smaller compared to its neighbor Majorca. Human inhabitation on this island dates back to the Megalithic era and is known to have influenced the Greek culture as well. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, with summer highs that reach up to a balmy 28 degrees Celsius and winter lows that go down to 8 degrees Celsius.

Visit the town of Cala En Porter with a car rental in Menorca

This amazing little town is an ideal place to just relax on your island vacation. Cala en Porter is situated in the southern region and can be accessed easily when you get a car hire in Menorca. A resort town, Cala En Porter is known for its amazing beach which is lined with huge limestone cliffs. While the western part of the cliff is yet to develop, the eastern part is fully equipped with bars, restaurants and amazing villas.

Exploring the capital city of Mao

Mao, situated on the eastern side of the island, is one of the busiest towns in Menorca. With one of the deepest harbours in the world, Mao attracts quite a bit of the tourist population. You can get a car for rent in Menorca and head to this city which has a beautiful historic center. This center was renovated during the end of 20th century from the income that came from tourism on the island. Mao is known for its gin, and a local gin factory is open for tours every day of the working week. You can take a peek and enjoy some varieties of this drink in the shop alongside the factory.

Discovering the village of Fornells

Fornells is a cute little village located in a bay on the northern part of the island of Menorca. The Fornellers, locals of Fornells, are a jolly lot who will make you feel welcome in their little village. A place to visit here is the fishing harbour which has the traditional fishing crafts known as Llauts lined up. A watch tower that was built in the 16th century is the only reminder of Fornells’ military past. You can hire a car in Menorca and head to this fishing village to enjoy some local fun.

Rent a car in Menorca for a relaxed island vacation

In Menorca, the beautiful landscape and friendly people are sure to win you over every time you visit the island. The water sports, fresh sea food and the quaint settlements are a great attraction for tourists who visit in large numbers every year – all of which will be best enjoyed with a car at your disposal. So plan your next vacation in Menorca to get a true taste of the friendly Spanish islands.

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