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Las Palmas is a fascinating historical destination in Spain. It came into existence sometime during the late eleventh and early twelfth century and had a significant role to play in the Spanish political history. When you visit the city of Las Palmas, there are many exciting historical sites that you can visit, the most famous one being Las Palmas Castle. Although the city of Las Palmas is serviced by an efficient public transportation system, you should make use of the services of a car rental in Las Palmas for undertaking a thorough tour of the city.

Sightseeing with a Car for Hire in Las Palmas

If you hire a car in Las Palmas, you will be able to access some of the city’s most well-known sites. For example, you can travel using the rental cars, to the renowned Las Palmas Castle which is situated in the outskirts of the city. You can also go and see important buildings like St. Mary’s Church, and the ruins of the Juan de Marco castle. The rental cars are equipped to take you to these destinations without wasting any time at all.

Cultural Activities in Las Palmas

Culture has a very important role to play in the social lives of the people of Las Palmas. When you are a traveler in the city, you can make use of the hired car services to get to important cultural destinations like the City Museum and the City Theatre. The former contains valuable information on the history of the city while the latter is a site for hosting various kinds of dramatic performances. Musicals, for example, are staged on a frequent basis.

Dining out in Las Palmas

There are numerous gourmet restaurants in the city of Las Palmas which cater to tourists of various economic backgrounds. If you are looking to try out budget Italian food, you can go and eat at the Pizzeria in the city center. If you are interested in Indian food, there is a well-known restaurant by the name of South Asia Station where you can go with the rental cars and try out some mouth-watering kebabs.

Exploring with a Car for Rent in Las Palmas

If you rent a car in Las Palmas, you can go and visit some prominent neighboring cities. Examples include the cities of Corralejo, La Palma, Coves Noves, Costa Palma, and Costa Teguise.

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