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Elche is a famous city in Spain. It has a rich history and culture of its own which date back to the period of Roman occupation. Elche lies very close to the Spanish city of Valencia. It is also situated near other well-known cities in the country, such as Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Bilbao, and Madrid. As a tourist, you will encounter plenty of interesting sights that you can explore in the city of Elche. When you visit this destination, you should ideally opt for a car rental. By doing so, you will be able to explore the city at your own pace and convenience.

Sightseeing with a Car for Hire in Elche

Roman rule was firmly established in the Spanish kingdom of Elche in ancient times. If you hire a car in Elche, you should ensure that you make your way to the famous Roman baths. These were basically healing centers built around natural geysers in the Roman period. They were visited by the Romans to rejuvenate their bodies and minds and recover from various illnesses. You can also visit the renowned Santa Maria Basilica in the city with the help of a rental car. This is a Roman Catholic church that was constructed in the Baroque style of architecture.

Tourist Activities in Elche

Elche is a prominent center of learning and is home to a very large university known as Universidad Miguel Hernandez. This is a public university which you can reach using a rental car and where you can attend courses on the history and culture of the city in particular and of Spain in general.

Nightlife in Elche

Nightclubs are a common sight in the Spanish city of Elche. Most of these have very strict rules regarding entry and anyone who is under 18 years of age is not allowed to enter. You can make use of a car rental in Elche to take you to the prominent nightspots in the town.

Dining with a Car for Rent in Elche

If you rent a car in Elche, you will be able to access a large number of Italian and French restaurants. You can also eat at some popular Indian restaurants in the city set up by the Indian diaspora.

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