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Located in the region of Murcia in Spain, Cartagena is one of Spain’s oldest and most historical territories, being founded around the 227 BCE during the Phoenician conquest. It is surrounded by other municipalities like Los Alcazares, Totana, Calasparra and Abaran. The fact that it is an old city guarantees that history and culture buffs would have a great time in Cartagena. However, those who are not into history shouldn’t be discouraged, since the city’s location near the coast also guarantees majestic beaches and other natural wonders waiting to be explored.

Car for Hire in Cartagena: The Wonders of History and Nature

Cartagena is one of those cities which are blessed with both natural and man-made wonders. Its age brought it majestic structures and buildings that can be considered as historical and architectural wonders, while its geographic location blessed it with flora and fauna. To start your vacation on Cartagena, you must first look for some accommodations. You don’t have to worry however, for there are a lot of choices in the city. From the airport, rent a car in Cartagena and look for the perfect hotel suite or quaint travel lodge that you can spend your vacation in. Whatever your choice will be, make sure to prioritize your safety and comfort. Once you’re settled, then you can start your adventure.

Flora and Fauna in Cartagena

If you are a budding botanist who want to see the world through its natural wonders, or just someone who finds nature relaxing, then you surely would not be disappointed with the flora and fauna that you can find in Cartagena. It is believed that the coastal mountains of Cartagena are home to the largest botanical and zoological biodiversities in the Iberian Peninsula. The location of Cartagena (and Spain in general) made it possible for both Western and African species of plants and animals to thrive in the area. Hire a car in Cartagena and look for these botanical and zoological treasures.

Architectural Finds

Cartagena is also home to several buildings and monuments that are characteristic of the different architectural trends of their time. Look for a car for rent in Cartagena and head on over to Campus Muralla del Mar for some baroque and neo-classical style buildings and structures. For some more contemporary and art nouveau style buildings, then visit the City Hall, the Gran Hotel and the Casino. Artists and art junkies would surely have a thrill in the delightful mix of old and new in Cartagena.

Car Rental in Cartagena: It’s Like Going to Two Destinations in One

It’s like traveling back in time while having a grasp of the present in Cartagena. With its old buildings scattered along new ones, you’ll surely go on a high just by looking at them. Add to that the flora and fauna that you can find once you explore the outskirts of the city.

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