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Cala Ratjada, which literally means “bay of rays”, is a town in the Spanish island of Majorca. It is located near Palma, Cala Millor, Palma Nova, and is the town nearest to the island of Menorca. The town used to be a quiet fishing town, but with the recent increase in the number of tourists visiting annually, the town has since then developed into a tourists’ paradise, with its world-class amenities and pristine beaches.

Car Rental in Cala Ratjada: The Bay of Rays

Start your adventure in Cala Ratjada by looking for the perfect place to make your home while on vacation. You don’t have to worry since there are several world class amenities and hotels in Cala Ratjada. From the airport, rent a car in Cala Ratjada and search for that perfect spot. It may be on the beachfront or farther off in the center of town. Rest assured, wherever you choose to stay, you’ll still have the best that Cala Ratjada can offer.

Spend a Day at the Beach

Once you’re settled, then it’s time to start your adventure. Look for a car for rent in Cala Ratjada and head on over to the beach. Luckily, there are several beaches on Cala Ratjada, and you can choose from crowded and lively beaches and quiet, almost private ones. The trick here is to look for the one which suits you best. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages. If you have children or companions who do not swim well, then it’s better to stick to the noisier beaches, since that would ensure that somebody would be there to help you in dire cases. It is also said that the quieter beaches are steeper and deeper, which may be risky.

Cuevas de Arta

Cala Ratjada is conveniently located near Cuevas de Arta, a less popular counterpart of Porto Cristo’s caves. Being less popular means less visitors, giving you a chance to have the whole cave to yourself at a time. Hire a car in Cala Ratjada and head on over to the caves. Explore its caverns and be amazed at the wonders that nature has given Cala Ratjada. You might even be lucky to discover some animal or plant species in the caves.

Car for Hire in Cala Ratjada: The Bay Would Wait for Your Return

You won’t get enough of your vacation in Cala Ratjada. With its pristine beaches, majestic caves and world-class amenities, you’ll surely ask for an extension.

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