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Cala’n Bosch is a popular resort-town in the Spanish island of Menorca. However, unlike the other resort towns in the island of Majorca, expect a more relaxing and peaceful vacation in Cala’n Bosch. It is surrounded by other towns like Mahon, Ciutadella, Alaior and Es Mercadel, which you’ll pass by on your trip to Cala’n Bosch from the airport of Menorca. What sets this town apart from the other resort towns in Menorca is its man-made marina which houses many small yachts and other leisure crafts. The exciting night life in the area adds up to the ultimate beach vacation experience.

Car for Rent in Cala’n Bosch is the Way to Enjoy the Place

If you are planning to visit any of the islands in Spain, like those of Menorca and Majorca, you’ll soon find out that it is easier to travel by taxi or by car. However, taxis tend to more expensive and risky, since the bulk of tourists may affect your chances of getting a ride out of the airport. Therefore, it is always better to look for a car rental in Cala’n Bosch to ensure that you’ll always have a form of transportation ready at your beck and call. Once you’ve gotten out of the airport, look for an apartment or villa to spend your vacation, since hotels are not as numerous in Cala’n Bosch as in other resort towns. Once you’ve found your home, then it’s time to start your vacation.

Yachts and Leisure Crafts

Cala’n Bosch is popular for its large man-made marina, which is home to several small yachts and leisure crafts, open for rent to tourists. It is an ideal substitute to a day on the beach. Hire a car in Cala’n Bosch and head on over to the marina to start your day at the beach.

Enjoy the Night Life in Cala’n Bosch

If you enjoy the day at the beach in Cala’n Bosch, then you would surely enjoy the night life. Once the sun sets, there are several stalls offering several services like henna tattoo, braiding, food and drinks. Rent a car in Cala’n Bosch and head on over to the shore to enjoy the night life. Eat your heart out and have a drink or two.

Car for Hire in Cala’n Bosch: A Perfect Way to Cap Off Your Vacation

Whether you’re after the beach, the sun and the sand, or just the idea of spending your vacation on the beach, Cala’n Bosch is a perfect vacation spot for you. With different activities to look forward to, you would never have any idle time in Cala’n Bosch.

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