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The province of Asturias in Spain stretches from the Gulf of Biscay in the north to the Cantabrian Mountains in the south and borders the province of Galicia to the west and the Cantabria province to the east.

Car for hire in Asturias as the most convenient way

Use the services like car for rent in Asturias on your arrival at the Asturias airport, 40 km from Oviedo which we take as the base camp since it is the capital and lies in the heart of the province, therefore the most ideal place! Asturias combination of a fantastic culture, a nature beauty and a superb gastronomy offers from beautiful towns with their fine buildings, houses and squares over terrific nature landscapes with splendid beaches, mountainous areas and National Parks everything what tourists desire and it is not for nothing called The Green Spain! Its local specialties with the traditional Spanish dishes round it all up.

Explore the towns

The capitol city Oviedo has several architectural highlights such as the medieval churches Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo which is as well a palace. Is also shows its modern style with the fine Palacio de Congresos de Oviedo and is a lively city with numerous entertainment venues and a multitude of pubs and clubs for the night owls. Rent a car in Asturias and drive from your holiday destination to Asturias biggest city Gijon which lies on the cost of the Gulf of Biscay, famous for sport and cultural events. It is as well a popular beach resort city with various museums, theaters and a vibrating night live. Have a mouth watering local dinner before you tango all night long. Another not to be missed out city is Aviles as the meeting point where present and past intertwine. Stroll through the old part with its fantastic buildings, churches and houses such as the church of Saint Nicholas of Bari and Capilla de los Alas while the terrific Óscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre shows its futuristic face.

Get in touch with the nature beauty

After visiting some of the many outstanding cities hire a car in Asturias and tour the terrific nature highlights such as the Picos de Europa National Park and the Covadonga Lakes. The Cantabrian Mountains offer all the mountain activities such as leisure strolls, extensive hikes, climbing, caving and in winter skiing. Every beach enthusiast will fall in love with the numerous exquisite beaches all along the shoreline. You find party beaches where you can dance into the surfs and tranquil gems; it is just up to you what you prefer.

With a car rental in Asturias your vacation will be a full success

Due to its enormous varieties of offerings you sure will be happy to tour this region with your own four wheels to get anywhere at your own pace. It is so easy to get a rental car with the convenience of the internet. When you book you car online, not only can you compare prices and get the best choice of cars but you also get great discounts for booking early and this makes sense for you to save on your travel cost rather than hiring taxis or depending on public transport and the tour buses to bring you around. Come and be a part of this astonishing place!

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