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The city of Almeria in Andalusia, Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea was founded by the Moors in 955 AD.

Car for hire in Almeria unveils the secrets

After touchdown at the Almeria Airport, car for rent in Almeria hands over your pre-booked and requested car for the short trip to a secret hideaway in Spain. Since the Bronze Age humans inhabited the area of Almeria which is proven by wall paintings in nearby caves before it got occupied by the Phoenicians, Romans and the Moors. The old city has many ancient sites to explore in combination with a modern style of life and is therefore a great place to set up your camp. Almeria is surrounded by mountainous territory with astonishing nature landscapes, dotted with other ancient villages and towns. And the splendid seaside resorts along the coastline offer anything to make your beach visits a success.

Almeria ‘Ole’

Best is to stroll along the ancients paths to see its marvels which includes besides the many beautiful churches the city’s main landmark, the Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación Cathedral with its impressive tower. Then have a close look at the ruins of the Al-Mutasin Palace, the hermitages and the baths from the Reyes Católicos. For the museum fans are three fantastic venues awaiting and before buying some fine delicatessen, enter the beautiful San Nicolás Salmerón Park for a picnic and a rest. Then rent a car in Almeria and drive pass the Muslim Medina from 955 AD to the 2nd largest Moorish fortress of Andalusia, the La Alcazaba. The towering castle above the city is the highlight of any visitor and offers a fantastic view over the surrounding area. Get down to the Almadrabillas beach for some leisure activities and fun. The cuisine offers besides the exquisite Spanish dishes some terrific local specialties with an influence of the Arabic cuisine and the wine, how else would it be since you are in Spain, is excellent.

The fantastic surroundings

The list of attractions in the adjoining area is astonishing; you maybe have a hard time to get your plans in order. Hire a car in Almeria and drive to the caves of Velez Blanco, a world heritage site and to the Roman remains of El Villar. Visit the mountainous village of Albanchez with its fruit orchards and marble industry or its counterpart Macael. You should drive along the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de los Filabres which are dotted with numerous picturesque settlements, many of them of Arabic origin. How about a desert trip to Tabernas before having a superb time in one of the many resort towns with their fabulous beaches, fine sand and clear waters? They offer all the amenities you look for with plenty of water sport and terrific nightlife!

Car rental in Almeria gets you around

The list of attractions is endless; the described samples are hardly touching the surface of the whole palette. Which is why having a car for hire is a really good idea. You can easily book a rental car online before you travel to get the best discounts and have your car ready and waiting for you the moment you arrive. What a great adventure you will have with the convenience of your own rented car! Come and see it with your own eyes!

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