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If you are planning for your trip to Zaragoza of Spain soon, why not add car hire Zaragoza to your itinerary as a transportation method? Car hire Zaragoza airport will literally complete you trip and make it a most enjoyable one by making your travels more comfortable and convenient. The city is just driving distance from the airport, 16 kilometers east.

About Zaragoza

Zaragoza is the capital city of the province bearing the same name -- Zaragoza. The city is home to more than 700,000 people, making it rank fifth among Spanish cities. The city is 199 meters above sea level and it is located in a valley. Famous for its landmarks, the city is today one of the main destinations for tourists. You will find it a rather eventful stay here at Zaragoza as the city has much to offer you.

Hire car Zaragoza airport To Explore Its Sights

Zaragoza is a city where you will find many landmarks and spectacular sights. The Cathedral of San Salvador is a good example. The banks of Ebro is where most important buildings are located, including the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar and the Museum of Tapestries. Also here is a Baroque tower from the Middle Ages.

You can pay a visit to the Moorish castle which is now occupied by the Aragonese parliament. While you are here, do drop by the churches of San Pablo, San Gil Abad and Santa Maria Magdalena to look at the beautiful designs implemented while building them. The churches were all built in the 14th century but the towers on them are thought to be old minarets from the 11th century. The churches here are all Mudejar monuments and are given the World Heritage Site designation by UNESCO.

Rent a car in Zaragoza airport to check out the museums of the city. There are the Museum of Fine Arts and the Camon Aznar Museum. These museums display artwork by artists from early Aragonese days. Whether you are an enthusiast or just a regular visitor, these museums will surely amaze you and educate you with its great collection of artwork.

Other sights in Zaragoza include Casa Solans, the Bullring, Palacio de Larrinaga, Casino mercantil, The Giants of Zaragoza, the Quique stadium and even more. Do discover for yourself with your hired car.

Zaragoza airport rental cars is the best way to cover the city by its roads. Book your own today with our car hire website here.

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