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Car hire Palma de Majorca is the way to travel if you are planning to visit the Spanish major port city of Majorca Island. Car hire Palma de Majorca airport will allow you freedom in your own travels and comfort in uncovering the city’s many attractions. The city of Palma which is only 8 kilometers away from the airport is an easy drive away with a rental car, allowing you to start your journey early.

About Palma de Majorca

Palma de Majorca is a city located on the island of Majorca which belongs to the Balearic Islands of Spain. The city is home to more than 400,000 people as indicated by the year 2009 data on population consensus, and is expected to be still growing. Palma de Majorca’s more specific location is on the Bay of Palma which is located on the south coast of the island. More than 50% of the people living on the Majorca Island lives in this city. This speaks volumes about the economic activity that takes part in Palma de Majorca, making it a developing central hub for tourism.

The climate of the city and the island in general is warm, as it experiences a yearly average of lowest 14.3 °C to its highest which is only 21.6 °C. You should find yourself amazed by the comfortable climate of the city and also the many sights which you may find on the island. Hire car Palma de Majorca to make it an even more enjoyable trip.

Discovering Palma de Majorca

Palma de Majorca has a number of tourist attractions and historical sights that you may drop by to pay a visit. Among these are a few notable ones such as the Placa d’Espanya, The Cathedral Area, The Old City and Banys Arabs. You may also find the city’s rubbish containers most interesting as they work in a particularly unique way. The rubbish bins here will require you to turn the handle to properly dispose of your refuse as you place them in the cylinder.

The Old City is a laid out labyrinth waiting to be discovered. The streets are a maze and the walkways are quiet and narrow. The architecture of the old city resembles some old Italian cities, bearing a hint of Arabian past. You will be amazed by the wide range of intriguing buildings, the bewildering styles and how easily you might get lost here. Kindly remember to bring a map. Rent a car in Palma de Majorca airport to park nearby and take a walk here, as the streets are surely not wide enough to be explored with a car.

Palma de Majorca rental cars will be a great help on this beautiful journey to the city, so book with our car deals comparison site right now.

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