Las Palmas De Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
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Thinking of traveling to Las Palmas of Spain this coming holiday? Car hire Las Palmas will allow you to enjoy the city to its fullest. By using car hire Las Palmas airport, you will be able to experience the whole city in the most comfortable way. The airport is just 18 kilometers away and a short drive will get you to the heart of the city.

History of Las Palmas

Las Palmas is officially known as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but fondly referred to as Las Palmas by the locals and those who know the city. When paired with Santa Cruz, the political capital, Las Palmas is the most populous out of all cities of the Canary Islands’ Autonomous Community. It is well proven by the total population of more than 383,000 people living here. The location of this city is in the northeastern part of the Island of Gran Canaria.

The climate of this city is considered to have the best climate on planet Earth by Thomas Whitmore, a climatology researcher at Syracuse University. If you are looking to escape from any extreme weather, this island city is ideal.

Discovering The City With Hire Car Las Palmas Airport

Las Palmas is a city that boasts a huge number of cultural buildings such as museums, galleries, theaters and exhibition halls. Some of the venues that you have to pay extra attention to are the Museo Canario, the Casa Museo de Colon, the Cuyas Theater and the Elder Museum of Science and Technology. You will find yourself transported back into the past where you can discover the city’s becoming and its beautiful history.

If you are up for something more exciting and thrilling, the nightlife here in Las Palmas is quite recommended. There are clubs and pubs in Vegueta, a historic district which gained significant popularity in the recent decade. Youngsters fill these venues during the weekends and they are definitely very good places to meet the locals and even tourists from around the world. You are also able to find even more nightclubs and bars in Santa Catalina. Rent a car in Las Palmas airport enjoy the nightlife here responsibly.

Of course, you can also enjoy the beaches of Las Palmas which are the city’s main tourist attractions. These beaches are namely Las Alcaravaneras, Las Canteras, Confital and la Laja. The moderate climate here makes beach-hopping a very enjoyable activity.

Las Palmas airport rental cars is the best way to uncover the beauty of the city and the island. Use our comparison website and book now to enjoy the best comparison deals.

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