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Soweto is a city in South Africa that is not limited to fun activities and places of tourist attraction as it is a living proof of the long struggle known as apartheid and all that Nelson Mandela stood for. So if you are not an average tourist and look for much more than just sun and the sand, Soweto is waiting for you in all its glory. But to soak in the culture of this beautiful city in a short amount of time, it is necessary to get a car for rent in Soweto.

Feel the pulse of South Africa when in Soweto on a car for hire in Soweto

You will be amazed with the vibrancy of the city of Soweto that is surprisingly close to the capital Johannesburg. Soweto is a black urban residential colony that is very modern and is a trend setter in the fields of fashion, music, dance, and even politics. Soweto is the real South Africa that people coming from western world are enthralled to see in comparison to Johannesburg which is more cosmopolitan in nature.

Soweto has its roots in the policy of segregation

It is easy for a westerner tom think of Soweto as a pure African name. But it is a misnomer really as it is an acronym that stands for South Western Townships. The objective behind founding of a black district close to Johannesburg is rooted in the policy of segregation that was at its peak at the turn of the 20th century. A separate city for the blacks was necessary to keep them away from Johannesburg while recruiting them as labor in mines and other industries.

Soak in the culture

In the initial phase of development, government did not pay much attention to the infrastructure that led to haphazard expansion of the city. It was only later after the end of apartheid that Soweto has been developed into a modern cosmopolitan city. For a tourist, soaking in the culture moving slowly in a car is the best idea. This means one should rent a car in Soweto to explore the city in a better manner.

Car rental in Soweto is easier than you thought

Chose a car rental company and the car you think is best for your requirements sitting in your own home on internet. There are many more cities close to Soweto such as Midrand, Brakpan, Benoni, Springs, Tembisa etc that are worth visiting. Hire a car in Soweto makes it easier to get to these cities.

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