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Maribor, with a population of 114,000, is a city situated in the north eastern part of Slovenia. It has a past spanning eight centuries, and a lovely mix of history, nature, and culture. The city is best discovered by car, so that you can enjoy the mountainous landscape, and have the freedom to explore the countryside and wineries. You can get a car for hire in Maribor by making an online booking now, and enjoy reasonable prices from trusted car rental companies.

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Maribor is so rich in culture, that it has been designated the 2012 European Capital of Culture, together with Guimarães in Portugal. Some places to visit are the Maribor Synagogue, a cultural center with exhibitions and concerts for visitors to enjoy, and the Slovene National Theatre, which offers ballet, opera and symphony orchestra. You should catch the Lent Festival in end of June, which showcases ballet, opera and a variety of musical productions such as classical, modern, and jazz, that are performed by world class artists and dancers.

Elegant architecture that has survived centuries

If you appreciate antiquity, you should not miss the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist,the oldest building in the city, dating back to the 12th century. It has gone through several additions throughout its lifetime. The style depicted in each addition, is a reflection of the era when the annex was built. Colourful city houses constructed near Main Square, in neo-Baroque style, also makes for a charming view. Or you can visit the Maribor Castle, a beautiful Baroque style building with painted ceilings and stucco decorated walls, dating back to the 15th century. If you love architecture and history, make sure to rent a car in Maribor, so that you can view all the noteworthy sites in the city, and those in the surrounding towns of Ljubljana, Ptuj, and Celje.

A long tradition of fine wines

Maribor is home to the oldest living vine in the world. It has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records to be 450 years old, and it can be found where the Old Vine House is. You can go on a guided tour, experience wine tasting, and learn more about wine tradition and culture here. The Vinag Wine Cellar is also an interesting underground winery in the middle of the city, with 5.5 million liters of fine wine in storage. If you hire a car in Maribor, make sure to drive up to the towns of Kalvarija and Piramida on top of the wine growing hills, visit the vineyards, and enjoy the spectacular view.

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A weekend is not enough to explore the many fascinating and historical sites in Maribor. You will also need time to enjoy the interesting activities that the city has to offer. It is a popular tourist destination for everyone; singles, couples, and families as well as history, music, and nature lovers. You will love this vibrant, enchanting city and you can be assured of a memorable and fun-filled holiday, especially if you get a car rental in Maribor.

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