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Košice lies along River Hornád at an altitude of 200 m above sea level in eastern Slovakia. It is surrounded by breathtaking mountains of natural beauty. The city is Slovakia’s largest after Bratislava. The town of Košice has roots dating back to the end of Palaeolithic era. However, its first mention in any recorded history is in 1230. The city owes its growth to its strategic position along an international trade route. The city is a rich cultural, historical, and economic hub of Eastern Slovakia.

Getting to the city in a car for hire in Košice

Košice is served by its very own Košice International airport. The airport services international, regional, and domestic flights. If a flight to this airport is not available, you can book a connecting flight from Bratislava. In any case, you need to rent a car to get from the airport to your hotel or use a taxi service. The road network that connects Košice to other towns such as Presov, Humenné, and Čierna is really good. This makes it easy to travel to other towns from the city, especially if you’ve rented a car.

Historical attractions in Košice

Košice as whole is a well preserved historical centre. It has numerous heritage protected buildings with influences from the Renaissance, Gothic, Art Nouvea, and Baroque eras. These include churches such as the 14th century St. Elisabeth Cathedral and the 4th Century St. Michel Chapel. Other historical buildings include a neo-baroque theatre, Mill Bastic, the remains of the city’s fortification, and the executioner’s bastion. Other historic attractions include aristocratic palaces such as the Captain’s Palace and statues the likes of the immaculata. You can visit these places much more conveniently with a car for rent in Košice.

Other attractions within the city of Košice

Even though the city has predominant historical sites, there are other attractions you can enjoy. The Košice zoo is a must visit. It houses wild animals and has breeding grounds. There is even a place you can interact with and pet animals. Other interesting places include galleries, museums, and theatres. There are many performances of drama, opera, ballet, and orchestra in various theatres. The Museum of Wax is particularly interesting. There are also cafes, restaurants, and boutiques to keep you occupied. The good thing is that all the sites and attractions within the city are easy to access when you rent a car in Košice from any hotel.

Other places you can visit when you hire a car in Košice

Košice city is surrounded by cities and villages with other attractions. You can drive to the Betliar Manor and enjoy its hunting lodge, cave, and waterfall. You can also visit the Zádielská Valley for rock climbing and hiking. Combine this trip with a tour to the castle ruins at the top of the hill.

There are numerous things to do and see in and around Košice. For outdoor activities in areas with a rough terrain, make sure you get a suitable car rental in Košice. A trip to this city and the surrounding areas will surely revitalize your relationships if you visit as a couple, family, or friends.

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