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Mahe is the biggest island in the Seychelles, filled with spectacular white sand beaches and beach resorts. The city of Victoria, located on Mahe, is the capital city of Seychelles. Located in the Indian Ocean about 930 odd miles from the African mainland, Mahe has mountain ranges running right down its middle. This leaves a relatively narrow band of flat land around the edges, and this is where the cities and beach resorts can be found. The east coast has the cities, but the north is where all the best beaches and the beach resorts can be found. Visitors can get a car for hire in Mahe Airport located near Victoria and then take the Victoria-Providence Highway to get started with the island holiday.

Hire a Car in Mahe Airport for a Victoria and North Mahe Tour

The port city of Victoria is the place which tourists will use as a base when visiting Mahe. It is more like a peaceful small town than a bustling capital city and the main attractions are a clock tower, botanical gardens, a couple of history museums and the Victoria market, which is what makes the city come alive. Get a car for hire in Mahe at the airport and you can head off to North Mahe where a lot of the population lives. You will find the wonderful beaches and parks here competing with housing projects. Of course, you can still enjoy pristine white sand beaches and natural attractions like the Morne Seychellois National Park.

Mahe Beaches and Beach Vacation Guide

The most popular beach on Mahe is likely Beau Vallon – a very long sandy beach with a sweeping view of North Island. You can take a cruise on a glass bottom boat which makes it very exciting. Even longer is the Anse Royale beach, where the calm waters make it an ideal place for swimming and family holidays out on the beach. Port Launay between Grand Anse Village and N.Y.S. Village is a very beautiful beach on the island's west coast. Anse Cimitiere is a nice hidden beach while Intendance Beach is great for surfing.

Mahe Airport Primer for Seychelles Visitors

Mahe Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) is about 7 miles from Victoria. The Victoria-Providence Highway connects the airport to the city, and you can take a bus, coach or a taxi from outside the terminals. The airport has two terminals, one for international flights and one for domestic flights between Mahe and the other islands. The distance between the two terminals is not much and you can walk if you need to catch a connecting flight.

Mahe Airport Rental Cars Booking Options

There are four agencies offering services to passengers who want to rent a car in Mahe airport. They have counters in both the arrivals and departures halls, but are usually open only when there is a flight coming in or about to take off. To make sure you have a vehicle when you arrive in Mahe, compare these agencies online, select the best deal you find and book your car right now.

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