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Senegal is a country in West Africa, with an Atlantic coast that it shares with neighbors Mauritania, The Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau. The Gambia is entirely surrounded by Senegal, with the exception of a small section of the coast. Senegal itself is in turn locked in from the landward side by Guinea and Mali. The climate is tropical and hot, with a rainy season that occurs from June through October. Around 2.5 million of the country’s 12.9 million population reside in the capital Dakar and its metro area. Get a car for hire in Senegal so that you can explore Dakar and take a coastal drive to other destinations, such as Saint-Louis and Saly Portudal.

Rent a Car in Senegal for a Dakar Holiday

Most visitors entering or leaving the country will be doing so through Dakar’s port or Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport. Get a car for rent in Senegal to visit Dakar Grand Mosque and Dakar Cathedral. Must-visit attractions include the African Renaissance Monument and the IFAN Museum of African Arts. Family travelers will no doubt want to visit Hann Park, which has a nice little zoo. If you have time, you may also want to consider a day trip to Goree Island.

Saint-Louis Guide for Senegal Visitors

Saint-Louis is the former capital of Senegal, and is located at the mouth of the Senegal River about 160 miles north of the current capital. Saint-Louis is a lot like New Orleans, with a Creole vibe, festivals galore, and a huge French colonial hangover. Visitors usually end up in a crowd crossing the Faidherbe Bridge connecting the island to the Langue de Barbarie, or across the other two bridges connecting the island to the African mainland. You might also want to set aside some time for birdwatching at the Langue de Barbarie and Djoudj national parks.

Beach Holiday in Saly Portudal

An hour and a half by car from south of Dakar, you will find the bustling beach resort of Saly Portudal, near Mbour. Saly is an urban paradise, offering everything that tourists could possibly need or want. You will find luxury hotels jostling for space on the beach, offering everything from bars, restaurants, and other amenities. Casinos, a shopping zone, and discotheques will keep you busy and entertained. Outdoor enthusiasts and water sports fans will find the golf course and deep sea fishing center very useful. The water is perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling, and you may also try your skills on jet skis and wind surfing.

Hire a Car in Senegal for Senegal River and Coastal Road Trips

Saint-Louis is a great starting point for an epic journey that follows the Senegal River. Book your car rental in Senegal right now and plan to stop by at historic riverfront towns, such as Podor, Bakel, and Matam. You could also head farther south along the coast past Mbour. The Fathala Reserve on the coast near the border with Gambia offers a good opportunity for an African safari where you might get to see giraffes and rhinos.

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