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The Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia are open only to Moslems, and Non-Moslems are strictly not allowed into the premises of the Holy Haram and the Masjid-e-Kaaba. That said, tourists are allowed to visit downtown Medina and the places in the vicinity, provided they are not anywhere near the main shrine. Since there is no major public transport in the area, you have to rely on a car rental in Medina to help you tour about this exotic Arabian pilgrimage center.

Hire a car in Medina and explore the striking motif of the Arabian city

With a car for rent in Medina booked online, you can visit the various places in downtown Medina that are open to foreigners and travelers, specifically Non-Moslems. Desert safaris in camels and sand dune racing are popular sports that are enjoyed by Arabians, and open to foreigners to try. Among the sightseeing places are: Agdal Garden, a romantic verdant expanse; Dar Si Said, a museum; El Badi Palace, a majestic Arabian architectural marvel; and Bab Agnau Ramparts, a dense fortification to guard the Marakeesh. While in Medina, do not forget to shop at the souks available in the city.

Drive to Khaybar, the nearest oasis, about an hour away from Medina

Khaybar, formerly a Jewish settlement, is now known to be the biggest Islamic settlement in Saudi Arabia. The journey to Khaybar is very troublesome when you use public transport in the desert. Thus, you are highly urged to avail of a car for hire in Medina to get to the place. Once in Khaybar, brace yourself for beautiful forts and bastions, mosques, bazaars, and authentic meat dishes.

Visit Yanbu, the seaport, for some respite from the heat and the desert sand

Tourists who come to Medina, often head to Yanbu, which is a good two hours away from the city, for the refreshing Red Sea waters and the cool air. In fact, Yanbu is the most preferred choice for expats from all over the world who settle down in Saudi Arabia. In Yanbu, you might want to visit the Waterfront; the Yanbu Harbor; Al Balad, which is a thriving downtown with modern amenities; and Al Nakeel, an old plantation community.

Rent a car in Medina and head to Jeddah

If you are tired of staying in and around oasis and settlements in Al Medina, you ought to drive about 200 miles and head to Jeddah. It is a huge city with an extensive skyline and exquisite tourism options open to everyone, regardless of caste and creed. Some places in Jeddah worth visiting are: Jeddah Corniche, a lovely waterfront; Chicken Wreck situated off Jeddah, a premier place for scuba diving; Al Shalaal Theme Parks; and several other modern tourism places. Moreover, do not forget to sample delectable Moslem cuisine while here in Al Medina. With a few exceptions, Medina is open to tourists, and you’ll enjoy a memorable vacation in Saudi Arabia, when you visit Al Medina.

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