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Makkah is a city in Saudi Arabia, known for being the holiest city of Islam. A very large number of Muslims visit the city every year to take part in the pilgrimage. Hire a car in Makkah and explore all that is has to offer comfortably. A peculiar thing about the city is that non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the city, and anyone who breaks this rule is deported from the country immediately. The official language used in the city is Arabic. The currency used here is the Saudi Riyal (SAR).

Use the Car Rental in Makkah and Explore

Smart travellers would rent a car in Makkah and give their co-travellers the comfort and convenience. With the help of a car rental service, you can easily visit all the places and buildings and enjoy increased flexibility as well. You can also travel to the nearby towns and cities. Feel free to add or remove items from your itinerary and explore Makkah free spiritedly!

Places to Explore

If you have planned a trip to Makkah then you are definitely on a ‘Hajj’. Visit the sacred mosque named al-Masjid al-Haram and the holy building of Kaaba. The Kaaba is said to be built by Prophet Abraham and his son. You can also visit the mountain of Jabal Al Noor, which is believed to be the place where Prophet Muhammad first saw the Quran. Pay a visit to Jabal Al Thur, the cave where Prophet Muhammad hid when the people of Makkah tried to kill him.

Things You Must Not Miss

Besides the places mentioned above, there are many more places to explore. Visit Mina, the site where the devil was stoned. You can also visit Ghar Hira, where Prophet Muhammad was introduced to the first verse of Quran. Hiking the mountains of Makkah is also an activity worth doing. Go for shopping in the local markets and buy souvenirs. Visit the malls of the city and buy the famous Arabic perfumes. Get a car for hire in Makkah and travel around the city.

Take a Car for Rent in Makkah and Enjoy a Laid Back Holiday

Although there is an effective public transport system in Makkah, the best way to explore the city is by car as it is a safe mode of transportation and would help you enjoy a hassle-free trip! You can always pay a visit to the nearby cities such as An Naqa, Jarwal, Ajyad, and Jiddah.

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