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Resting peacefully besides the Red Sea, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is a popular holiday destination. It is among the most diverse and tolerant of all places in the country, though it is an important Islamic center, being the principal gateway to both Mecca and Medina.

For Sure - Hire a Car in Jeddah

Historically, Jeddah has been an important port city and trading center; it continues to be a busy commercial city even today. Though the fares for taxis and other public transport are fairly inexpensive here, it is best that visitors get a car for rent in Jeddah. This is because the rentals are cheap and petrol is relatively inexpensive here, such that it in the long run is more economical to hire a car instead of using public transport.

Shopaholic’s Paradise

Jeddah is well known for its shopping facilities and sale of low-price branded goods. Balad, in Old Jeddah, is the most well-frequented market place with complexes having international goods from Paris and Milan, as well as traditional markets, called souks ,selling gold and silver goods, textiles, spices, and much, much more; many goods are brought from proximal towns like Abha, Aswan, Najran Ginda and Sawakin. Many people come to Saudi Arabia with the sole purpose of shopping, and for such visitors the most enjoyable experience would be to rent a car in Jeddah and flit across the various market places – there is just so much to buy here!

Lots to See and Do Here

The Arabian city of Jeddah is just so vibrant and full of activity that it is difficult to pinpoint which are the most important of all the must-see locations. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the Old Town, or Al-Balad, is worth visiting, as is the Jeddah Corniche, which provides spectacular views of the Red Sea. One can also enjoy the beaches here, and go scuba diving, among other sporting activities. There are two primary amusement parks here which are worth visiting as well, especially if you has children with you. With so much to see and do, it is but natural that people prefer to get a car for hire in Jeddah rather than using means of public transport.

Car Rental in Jeddah – A Smart Choice!

Jeddah is a city of limitless possibilities. Those who wish to gain optimal pleasure out of a trip to the city must surely rent a car here. With the cheap petrol prices and the well-maintained streets, driving around is the most economical and convenient option available.

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