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Saint Lucia is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of Lesser Antilles, along with Saint Vincent, Martinique, and Barbados. The island was first colonized by the French and was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse. Through the course of its history, Saint Lucia has changed back and forth between the British and the French until its independence. The country gained its independence in 1979 and is divided into 11 quarters. Saint Lucia is a popular tourist destination.

Hire a Car in Saint Lucia and Enjoy the Capital City

Castries is the capital city of Saint Lucia, as well as of Castries quarter. It was built on reclaimed land, and is the main economic and commercial centre in Saint Lucia. Book a car rental in Saint Lucia and go on an adventure in the city. Aside from major businesses, there are also duty-free shopping centres in the city, as well as churches, libraries, and other landmarks. Famous landmarks in Castries are Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Vigie Beach, and Derek Walcott Square.

Enjoy Nature in Dennery

Dennery is a town in the eastern part of Saint Lucia. It is also the centre of the quarter of the same name. Unlike most of the towns in Saint Lucia, Dennery is more popular for its agricultural products than its beaches. Book a car for rent in Saint Lucia and go on a trip to Dennery. Some of the popular products in town are lima beans, tropical fruits, and bananas. It is also known for its fishing industry. Aside from its natural products, some other places of interest in Dennery are Mabouya Valley, Frigate Island Natural Reserve, and Sault Falls.

Fine Architectural Samples in Anse La Raye

Anse La Raye is a beautiful town located in the western side of Saint Lucia. What made this town beautiful, aside from its landscape, is the presence of colonial architecture in the area. Book a car for hire in Saint Lucia and go on a tour around town. You’ll surely love the picturesque view and landscape of the town, complemented by its location on Marigot Bay. Some old buildings in town are the old Catholic Church and other old houses. You can also drop by Anse La Ray Falls and River Rock Falls for more adventures with nature.

Rent a Car in Saint Lucia and Have a Wonderful Vacation

Nothing would be more relaxing and refreshing than a vacation in Saint Lucia. You’ll surely enjoy the delightful mix of colonial structures, natural wonders, and man-made buildings while you explore and roam around the place. Saint Lucia is surely one of the places that you should visit this year.

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