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Car hire Nevis information

Nevis can easily be termed as every tourist’s dream. Everything imaginable needed to make the perfect vacation is available here. The island of Nevis has been named various times for its beauty and natural elements which it offers. But it is most fondly known as the Island of Beautiful Waters. Found in the southern side of Puerto Rico and in the west of Antigua, Nevis is among the top destinations in the Caribbean. With so many natural draws and tourist attractions, it is best explored when you hire a car in Nevis.

Explore Charlestown in your car for rent in Nevis

The Island of Nevis’s crown jewel is Charlestown and it is the principal town of the island. Charming, remote, and wonderful, the town presents the most original colonial look in the region. You will come across numerous relics of the colonial rule while you are driving in your car for hire in Nevis. When you rent a car in Nevis, do find the 18th-century buildings sprawled across the town. Among these buildings is the Museum of Nevis History. Here you can learn about Alexander Hamilton whose house is now a museum. The museum consists of two floors. The first floor is dedicated to the museum, whereas the second one houses the House of Assembly. It is perched above the amazing harbor giving it a rather allusive character for tourists as you can make out St. Kitts which is nearby.

Hamilton Estate

Since you are meandering around in your car, you can also travel to the lovely Hamilton Estate. This was a former sugar plantation but now a modern farm with numerous yields. Tourists are welcome to visit the estate and enjoy the wonderful farm life that exists here. It is the ruins here that are the biggest draw. These ruins are from the old plantation which includes a wind mill, cistern, great house, and a boiling house. Tourists can also get picturesque views from the estate of St. Kitts and the town of Charlestown.

Newcastle Beach

Located near Charlestown is Newcastle whose beach cannot be ignored while you are on the Island of Nevis. The Island of Nevis, though famous among tourists, is never crowded and so is the case with Newcastle beach which offers visitors serenity and escape from their hectic routines. If you are travelling on your own, ask for the Nisbet Plantation as the beach is near it. There are snorkelling opportunities for you here, though not always as the beach is subject to strong currents. Nevertheless, you can simply take a walk or sunbathe here all you want.

For the best island excursion use car rental in Nevis

Nevis is a traveler’s paradise that offers visitors with many attractions and things to do. If you are among those who want to have liberty when planning their trip, then visit our website and rent a car in Nevis online. This will allow you to have a car waiting at the airport and you won’t be wasting precious time looking for an ideal company to offer you a hire-a-car service. When you have a car all to yourself, you will also be able to travel to other villages and towns like Bath or Gallows Bay.

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