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Gustavia is located on an island called Saint Barthélemy or St. Bart in the French Caribbean Islands. It is the island’s capital. Discovered in 1493 by Columbus who named it after his brother, the island in general has a rich history. Over the years it has changed hands several times before finally becoming part of France. Even though the entire island is generally charming, the capital Gustavia takes the prize.

Getting around the town with a car for hire in Gustavia

Once you arrive at the Gustavia/Gustaff III airport in Saint Jean, you will need to get a vehicle to take you to your hotel. You can take a taxi, but for more convenience you should rent a car. If you are adventurous, get an ATV. You can also arrive at Gustavia with a ferry or boat from Saint Martin's Marina.

Historic attractions in Gustavia

Three forts, named Gustav, Karl, and Oscar, built in the 17th century protected the harbour of Gustavia. You can still see the remains of all the forts at their different locations. Another interesting historical feature is the church at the harbour built in 1855. The church is known as St. Bartholomew and still has the original marble floor and sandstone facade. Near this church is another called Notre-Dame de l’Assomption, a church with some majestic stone arches. These features are easy to access from different hotels, especially if you rent a car in Gustavia.

Other activities in Gustavia

Not far from the historic churches lies the shell beach. This is a beach with unspoilt beauty. As the name suggests, there are numerous shells on the beach. You can have a relaxing day here sunbathing and collecting shells. Around the Gustavia beaches, you can also indulge in different water activities such as diving, snorkelling, boat riding, kite and wind surfing, among others. Morne du Vitet is especially good for surfing. If you prefer shopping, take your car for rent in Gustavia to the town centre. There are numerous duty free boutiques where you can buy almost anything. You can also visit the promontory where you will get a great view of the town and its surroundings.

Other activities that might require you to hire a car in Gustavia

Some other activities are not limited to Gustavia. You might consider going out for a drink, a spa treatment, or one of the other relaxing activities that make a holiday complete. There are several places you can easily get to by car, from a movie in Lorient to spa treatments in Lurin and Flamands. The spa treatments might even include free yoga classes.

By the end of your trip, make sure you have visited each and every inch of St. Bart. However, if you plan to visit over the holiday season, book a car rental in Gustavia to reserve a vehicle and choose a reliable agent to get accommodation and flights tickets at the best prices.

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