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Being in Russia means that you will get a four dimensional view of its history, as the country is filled with landmarks and attractions that are testament to the many years Russia had experienced. But Russia is not just a place for you to get history lessons; it is filled with many other great things to do and see. Visitors will be mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes and also the attractions that will keep you well occupied throughout your trip. A good idea is to get a car for hire in Russia, to easily move around and avoid the need of using the local transportation network or the cabs.

Rent a car in Russia to easily roam around Moscow

When you come to Russia, you cannot leave without visiting the city of Moscow. The city is not just the capital of the country, but it also has numerous historical and cultural attractions that you can see. You can first drive to the famous Red Square, which looks specially breathtaking at night when it is richly illuminated. You will find some of the iconic symbols of Russia here that include the majestic domes of the St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Red Star. You can also find great many attractive and stylish shops in Tverskaya, where you can also find Art Nouveau style buildings.

Visiting St Petersburg

Another city of Russia that you must visit is Saint Petersburg. This city is the home to many of the iconic and very recognizable attractions and sights of Russia. You can visit the Hermitage. This goliath museum features around 300 halls, exhibiting masterpieces that include works by Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many more artists. While in the Hermitage, remember to get access to the palatial treasure room or the Treasure Gallery, which showcases the royal jewels. It is advisable that you get a ticket for two days that costs around 700 roubles, as you cannot cover the museum in one day. The admission to the Treasure Gallery costs an additional 300 roubles. Among other things to do you can also visit the Winter Palace that has around 1,001 rooms and was built for the famous Catherine the Great. The palace is worth visiting for its Russian rococo architecture.


Formerly known as Stalingrad, the brave city of Volgograd has seen so many battles and has had undergone total destruction at the hands of the enemy of Russia. But it has been brought back to life, and now draws thousands of tourists and history buffs each year, for its pivotal role in the history of the country. You will find the popular Motherland Statue in the cityscape and also the Panorama Museum that showcases many artefacts and treasures of the wars that the city had been thru. This includes the famous sniper Vasily Zaytsev’s gun.

Go and hire a car in Russia online for your ease and comfort

You should contact a car rental in Russia and book a car. A rented car will save you a lot of time and the trouble of having to look for local transportation. Moreover, since Russian is mostly the language used in the country, with a car for rent in Russia, you will avoid having to communicate with local cab and bus drivers. This will make your vacation hassle-free and will allow you to move around freely in Russia.

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