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Timisoara is a city in the Timis County of Romania. It is considered as the cultural, social and economic capital of Western Romania. It is also the unofficial capital of Banat. It has a rich cultural heritage, attracting visitors from all over annually. It is surrounded by Lugoj, Jimbolia, Dita and Ciacova. If you would look at the main tourist attractions in Timis, you’ll find that the whole city of Timisoara is considered as a tourist attraction.

Explore The Cultural Capital of Western Romania with a Car Rental in Timisoara

If you are one of those types of travelers who travel for the knowledge and other things that they will gain while on vacation. Then you’ve made the right choice in going to Timisoara. It wouldn’t be dubbed as a cultural capital for nothing. As is essential in any vacation, the first thing that you should do is to look for a hotel or an inn where you can stay for the duration of your vacation. This may seem the hardest part of any vacation, but if you’re resourceful and patient enough, this would be way easier than you think. If you prefer to just go straight to Timisoara, just rent a car in Timisoara and look for the perfect room. You’ll soon find out that this is easy enough.

Tour the City of Timisoara

The city of Timisoara has a rich cultural heritage. The city center, in fact, is home to many buildings and structures from the Austro-Hungarian era. If you want to experience the old Austro-Hungarian culture in Timisoara, you just have to look for a car for hire in Timisoara and head on over to the old part of the city, where you’ll be welcomed with cultural and heritage sites. You also have several areas to choose from. You can go to Cetate, Iosefin, Elisabetin, and Fabric. Even if you are not too fond of history and culture, you’ll still enjoy these areas for there are also several restaurants and bars open for tourists.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Timisoara is also the economic center of western Romania, which means that there are many businesses in the area. Which also means that there are a lot of shops and malls that would satisfy your craving for shopping. Hire a car in Timisoara and head over to the main shopping districts in the city and shop ‘til you drop.

Learning Can Also Be Fun When You Look For a Car for Rent in Timisoara

With its rich culture and shopping malls, a vacation in Timisoara would be ideal for even those who spend their whole life traveling and shopping. Come to Timisoara and learn a lot while having fun.

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