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Situated near the Carpathian Mountains, Romania is simply breathtaking. It is the twelfth most extensive country in Europe. The architecture of this country is superb. The architecture represents the vivid and the flamboyant creativity of the Romanians. It has new and modern parliament style buildings, and at the same time you are charmed by the fairy tale-like cottages. You can see all of this and much more by getting a car for rent in Romania. Plus, you can also visit the three main cities of Romania: Bucharest, Alba Iulia, and Arad.

Rent a car in Romania and view the glorious parks of Bucharest

Romania is known for its vibrant colors and striking lush greenery. Bucharest is the best example of it. The city has everything: from state-of-the-art museums to small local cafes. This city is also filled with spectacular parks and gardens, which are the highlight of the city. The most famous park in the city is Cismigiu Garden. This garden is not only the most beautiful garden in the city, but it is also the oldest one. It offers activities like boating, chess, and a stroll through beer gardens. To enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this park, just hire a car in Romania and you will be in your own heaven.

You can’t get enough of the bliss aka Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia is a little greener than Bucharest, but it is nonetheless very dazzling. It is known for antique buildings and museums and art galleries. The particularly favorite museum of tourists is the National Unification Museum. This museum, initially, served the purpose of representing the military glory only, but later it gained the status of a national museum. There are about a hundred rooms in this museum, which represent every aspect of the history Alba Iulia. There are numerous chandeliers and the walls are gigantic. Admission tickets are affordable, and you can get themfrom the museum office.

A visit to the very relaxing city of Arad is a must

Arad is a very serene and peaceful city of Romania. Its natural beauty is picturesque and takes your breath away. To top that, you have numerous parks and spas in the city that can rejuvenate your soul. But the highlight of the city is the Minis Maderat Vineyard. This Vineyard was built in the 1860s. The amazing fragrance of the grapes fills the air, and tourists are automatically captivated by the aura of the place. The vineyard will give you a free tour and some wine for you to taste before you leave the place.

Make the most of your trip by availing of a car rental in Romania

If you want to enjoy your trip thoroughly, without any obstacles to hurdle then get a car for hire in Romania. With a rented car, you will not be at the mercy of public transport. Moreover, you can also visit more fabulous cities of Romania, like Galati and Tulcea. These cities are quite beautiful and awe inspiring and will add to your lovely memories of Romania.

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