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The city of Craiova is the capital of Dolj County, Romania, and lies towards the southern end of the country in proximity to the Jiu River. The city is best known for its academic centers and politically significant activities, making it hugely attractive for all those desiring an element of intellectualism in their vacations.

Rent a Car in Craiova for a Fantastic Time!

Craiova is a most beautiful city with charming architecture and a tourist-friendly local population. The public transportation system here is extremely well-developed, with both the roadways and railways being instrumental in making Craiova a cosmopolitan township. However, a good suggestion is to get a car for rent in Craiova, for it allows for you to travel at your own convenience within the town, and also to explore nearby towns like Drobeta-Turnu Severin and Râmnicu Vâlcea. So, having a car in Craiova is the key to a great vacation.

Colorful History and Culture

Art and history lovers will find lots to do discovering the city’s many treasures. The Băniei House which hosts the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art and the Art Museum in the Minu Mihail Palace are must-see destinations for art connoisseurs. Those interested in the city’s past will be delighted to see the exhibits at the Olternia Museum, the Jitianu Monk Monastery, and the Church of Coşuna Monastery. For those who hire a car in Craiova, these incredible sites will be no more than a comfy ride away!

Spiritual Sojourn

For those looking for religious or spiritual enlightenment, Craiova is the place to be. It is home to some of the oldest and finest churches of the country such as the Madona Dudu Church, the St. Demetrius Church, the Saint Nicolas Church, and lots more. Moreover, the Nicolae Romanescu Park promises a nice, sedate environment, which at the right time, after locating a fine spot, can become one’s personal meditative space, rather close to Mother Nature.

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Being a lovely spot for a nice holiday, booking a car for hire in Craiova as soon as possible may be a good idea. And with a car in hand, nearby cities like Pitesti, Pleven, and Sibiu become accessible as well. So if you want to spend some quality time enjoying this enchanting Romanian city, get active and get going – Craiova awaits you!

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