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Located on the west coast of the France overseas department, Reunion, Saint Leu is a charming little beach town that lies on the coastline somewhere midway between Saint Louis and St. Gilles-les-Baines. The scenic beauty of the town and its flora and fauna are truly awe inspiring, which is why it is also a perfect spot for nature tourism.

Should You Get a Car for Rent in Saint Leu?

Saint Leu is undoubtedly a beautiful town with great potential for tourism. While most of Reunion does not have typical holiday destinations, Saint Leu presents an exception. Thus, the local authorities have made a concerted effort to develop the tourist facilities, ensuring that there are lots of accommodation and entertainment options. Even though the public transportation system here is fairly well maintained, locals suggest that it is best if tourists hire a car in Saint Leu, as it provides for a personalized holiday of utmost convenience.

Water Sports All the Way

Saint Leu is the most renowned surf spot of the region; its beaches are blessed with fine ‘left hand’ breaks that are ideal for the sport. In fact, Saint Leu often hosts premiere surfing competitions and has held the World Qualifying Series and the ASP World Tour in the past. Other than surfing, paragliding and underwater diving are also popular in the region. For those who love such sports, getting a car for hire in Saint Leu is a good option, as the nearby places such as Saint Benoit, Saint Denis, and Le Port also have great facilities for such activities.

Enjoy with Abandon

For those who love to have a good time the wild and adventurous way, Saint Leu is the place to be. Apart from the water sports here, one can enjoy trekking, bicycling, and sailing. Moreover, being a beach town, there are several typical eateries and bars here that serve until late into the night, with good music right at the waterfront. Also, there are small souvenir shops in the town that sell local, handmade goods, which make for unique souvenirs. For those who do rent a car in Saint Leu, the boundaries of enjoyment will further widen as the neighboring towns will become accessible as well.

Opt for a Car Rental in Saint Leu

Saint Leu is a lovely beach town providing many options for adventure, sports, and entertainment. And for those who rent a car here, the vacation will be par excellence, for sure!

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