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The city of Saint Pierre in the Reunion Island is a highly popular destination amongst tourists across the world. Saint Pierre is one of the largest communes in the French colony of Reunion. It is situated in the south western part of the island. Saint Pierre has a population of 76,105 inhabitants. It also houses large numbers of scenic beaches. An excellent means of navigating the city of Saint Pierre is to book car hire Saint Pierre services through us.

Saint Pierre – A historical perspective

The Reunion Island was relatively unknown until it was discovered by the Portuguese explorers in the sixteenth century. It later came to be occupied by France. Between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, the influx of Chinese, Indians, Malays, and French took place, which gave the Island a unique ethnic character. The commune of St Pierre became one of the settlement places for these people and consequently assumed a cosmopolitan character. Today the island continues to be an overseas administrative department of France.

Airport services in Saint Pierre

The city of Saint Pierre in the Reunion Island is served by one main international airport. This is known as the Saint Pierre airport. You can find excellent deals on the car hire Saint Pierre airport services. There is also a provision for price comparison of Saint Pierre airport rental cars on our booking system.

Tourism in Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre is an ideal destination for tourists to visit, largely because of its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. There are various water-sporting activities, which take place in Saint Pierre such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. There is also a famous church known as the Notre Dame Catholic Church in Saint Pierre. If you rent a car in Saint Pierre airport through us, you will be able to go and visit all the prominent tourist spots in the island without any hassle. If you are a tourist in the city of Saint Pierre, you should book the hire car Saint Pierre airport services with us well in time in order to enjoy a beautiful exploration of this splendid city.

Surely, by booking the car hire Saint Pierre services at our website you are going to see the city of Saint Pierre in best manner possible.

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