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The Republic of Congo or Congo-Brazzaville is located near Gabon and Cameroon, in the continent of Africa. This country like most African countries has a turbulent history due to colonization. The country attained independence from its French colonizers only in 1960. Since then the people of this country have been trying to rebuild it like it used to be in its former glory days. Chief among their aims is to reinstate and protect the cultural uniqueness of this beautiful country. And the tourists that travel to this country benefit from these efforts in a big way.

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The capital of Congo is the beautiful city of Brazzaville. This city is located over the river Congo, the same river that gives the country its name. Also its geographical location provides it with beautiful natural sites that serve as great tourist attractions. Apart from this, massive manmade wonders also beautify the city. Chief among these structures is the tallest skyscraper in all of Central Africa called Nabemba Tower. It’s a massive and grand building that must be visited at least once. So hire a car in Congo [Republic] now and pay this place a visit.

Take a trip to Pointe-Noire

Congo [Republic] is a magnificent country that is on its path of progress. And a lot of this progress is due to Pointe Noire, which has been one of the main commercial centers for the country. Due to this reason you can find some of the best transportation and other facilities here. If you get a car for rent in Congo [Republic] and drive around this area, you will be able to see beautiful French style architecture all over the city.

Interact with the Bambenga people in Ouésso

Many tourists come to this country to observe the lifestyle of the pigmy people called Bambenga who live here. Due to a new law that has been passed for their protection, this tribe has become world famous. They conduct their life in a very different and unique way. In order to study their behavior, hire a car and travel to Ouésso. Here tourists get a once in a lifetime chance to explore the ways of their intriguing culture.

Rent a car in Congo [Republic] and explore this country

Travel to Congo [Republic] and observe a culture that is so very different from your own. Talk to the friendly people and take in the natural beauty that is found here in abundance. However make sure you get a car for hire in Congo [Republic] to explore all the beautiful surroundings effortlessly.

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