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San Juan, the populous capital of Puerto Rico, USA, was established as a city by Spanish colonists in 1521, making it the second oldest European-founded cities in America after Santo Domingo. In contemporary times, it is an important center of manufacturing, finance, seaports, culture, sports and tourism. In fact, it is amongst the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean with millions of visitors flocking to it each year.

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San Juan is a charming city, blessed with lovely beaches and an active harbor. It has a rich cultural vein and colorful history, owed to the Spanish imperialists who settled here centuries ago. Even today, the city has a distinct Spanish-based culture peppered with Taino and African traditions. There is so much to see and experience here, festive and lively city that it is, it’s best that one rent a car in San Juan and drive oneself around the delights of the city. Also, being in close proximity to other interesting places like Carolina and Trujillo, one can go on road trips and explore the region at length.

Blast from the Past

Being a city of much historic importance, it is but natural that it is full of exotic monuments and relics from the past. Old San Juan has several interesting sites such as the Plaza de Colon and Plaza de Armas. Numerous forts like Castillo de San Cristóbal, Fuerte San Gerónimo and El Morro are also worth visiting. The San Juan Museum of Art and History and the Pablo Casals Museum are the two primary historic exhibits here. The city in totality has over 400 building with great historic and architectural significance. To the arts and history lover, this place is an absolute paradise. If one is hard-pressed for time, they can get a car for rent in San Juan and cover all these places in a couple of days.

Nature’s Wonders

San Juan is also stupendously beautiful in terms of landscaping and natural surroundings. Beaches in Condado and Isla Verde are ideal for sunbathing, picnics, swimming, surfing and other water-related activities. Lovely, green parks dot the city, some of which like the Central Park, La Marquesa Canopy Tour, Garfield, Munoz Rivera Park and Parque de las Palomas are a must-see. For those who hire a car in San Juan, driving down to Catano and Loiza may be very enjoyable, for they are equally suitable for nature observation.

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San Juan has many unique attractions that shall keep tourists of all interests – young, old, adventurous, sedate – well occupied and entertained; a great location for a long, leisurely holiday.

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