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Ponce is located to the south of Puerto Rico, and is one of the biggest cities in the area. Ponce is surrounded by other cities such as Juana Diaz, San Juan, Jayuya, Utuado and Peñuelas. It is also the second biggest municipality in Puerto Rico, and is home to several landmarks and tourist attractions. Ponce is also known as “La Perla del Sur” or “The Pearl of the South”.

Book a Car for Rent in Ponce and Explore the Pearl of the South

There are a lot of beautiful places in the world that one can visit. You can choose your destination depending on your preferences. However, it sure feels good to just go with the flow and visit the popular places. The beauty and unique appeal of Ponce has attracted many tourists over time. It is a perfect combination of a modern and historic city. It is home to several companies and commercial districts, as well as a historic district. Book a car rental in Ponce to learn more about the city.

La Ciudad Señorial

Ponce is known by a lot of nicknames, such as La Ciudad Señorial and La Perla del Sur. These nicknames attest to the beauty and allure of the city. Arrange a car for hire in Ponce and explore the city. There are a lot of places and sights to see in the city. Just by driving around the area, you’ll be able to see some of the most beautiful architectural pieces in Ponce. Some of these wonders are the Museum of Puerto Rican Architectureand the Teatro de la Perla. It is a fine example of the unique architectural style in Ponce known as Ponce Creole.

Historical Ponce

Ponce played an important role in the history of Puerto Rico. Thus it is not surprising to find several historical landmarks in the area. Hire a car in Ponce and head on over to the pueblo, where you’ll find a lot of historical landmarks. Places like Casa de la Masacre, Casa Armstrong Poventud, and Museo de la Música Puertorriqueña are just some of the interesting places in Ponce. Plaza Las Delicias has a central role in the lives of the people of Ponce. It is a popular meeting place, and there are also other historical landmarks around the area. Take a peek at the plaza and you’ll surely fall in love with the city.

Rent a Car in Ponce and Enjoy Your Vacation

A lot of people may think that Puerto Rico is all about beaches and resorts, but a closer look would prove otherwise. Puerto Rican cities like Ponce played very important roles in the history of the territory, and, with the help of a rented car, one should take time to explore it.

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