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Santa Cruz das Flores is a city in Portugal that is included in a larger island known for its volcanic activities. The city has a rugged charm and natural scenery that attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of the world.

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Portugal has some areas that are situated away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities, charming cities that highlight the beauty of nature. Santa Cruz das Flores is one such area, which offers natural breathtaking scenery and looks like a place form a lost world. It is untouched and, hence, unspoiled. Away from the glare of the western world, this municipality has become a hot tourist destination for people that appreciate silence and quietness.

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The area is a charm for the eyes of tourists who are looking for natural scenery. The terrain is rugged, and the only area that is leveled in this municipality is the parish with the same name. The parish is situated on the eastern coast of the island. There is also a commercial center, in addition to the airport in this area. Having a car at your disposal is a bonus; otherwise, it becomes difficult to cover all places with tourist attractions in this volcanic area. There are some really old churches in this parish that attract many tourists who are passionate about old architecture.

There is a forest reserve to have a great time

A road that heads toward the northern part of the island will take you to a forest reserve. This reserve, called the Reserva Florestal da Fazenda de Santa Cruz, has an artificial lake, a large picnic area, and it hosts a program for spawning trout. If you love flora, you will find some exotic plant species in the reserve. To explore all parts of the reserve, it is prudent to get a car for rent in Santa Cruz das Flores.

To save on your time, rent a car in Santa Cruz das Flores

When you are in a natural, rugged terrain, and you want to visit many places during a short period, you ought to ensure that you have conveyance to take you from one part of the island to another; otherwise, you will waste much of your precious time waiting for public transport. You can hire a car in Santa Cruz das Flores from the comfort of your own home, by visiting the websites of car rental companies. You can also visit some nearby cities such as Lajes, which has borders with Santa Cruz das Flores, the area on the other three sides, which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

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