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Carvoeiro is a popular fishing village situated in Algerve which is more commonly known as Praia de Carvoeiro. Algerve is a Portuguese civil parish, found in Lagoa which is situated about 5 kilometres away from Carvoeiro. The city is known for its old shrines and other attractions which were built ages ago . Today, the town has expanded and transformed itself into a major tourism hub of the country. So, pack your bags and get ready for a roller coaster ride to Carvoeiro!

Surely, rent a car in Carvoeiro

Car rentals are, indeed, one of the best ways through which you can see and explore this small village. There are a number of car rental companies that are situated in different parts of the city which can be selected for your car rental in Carvoeiro. With a car, travellers can explore the nearby cities of Carvoeiro including Lagoa, Praia da Rocha, Parchal, Lobito, and Fontes.

Places of Interest in Carvoeiro

The city of Carvoeiro is greatly known for its ancient monuments and places. They were all built by kings and queens who ruled the place during medieval times. One of the most interesting destinations in Carvoeiro, that must be visited is Shrine of Nossa Senhore da Encarnacoa, set in the western part of the city. This place was built during the late 17th century and you will be amazed with its unique infrastructure. Another interesting place to visit in Carvoeiro is Alfazima’s Lighthouse, that was built in 1920. Make sure that you get a car for hire in Carvoeiro, else it would become very difficult for you to explore the city in a fuss-free manner.

For the Food Lovers

Apart from the old palaces and forts, there is a general craze for the pastry from this region. There are a number of restaurants and bakeries in the city which serve some of the finest pastries in the entire Portugal. Fish Curry is another food attraction of this village. The curry tastes so good because of the fishermen bringing in fresh catch at the crack of the every dawn. So, you can take a car for rent in Carvoeiro in order to see and explore different food places of the city.

Hire a car in Carvoeiro for a memorable experience

There are a number of affordable, luxury and budget hotels in the city where you can stay. Apart from the sightseeing and hoping around, there are a lot of exclusive shopping centers in the city from where you can purchase chocolates, jewelry and alike. To visit all of this, make sure that you hire a car here!

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