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Portugal is known for its cultural diversity, having been a homeland to many civilizations like Romans, Celtics, and Germans. This cultural diversity not only results in the best cuisine and music in Portugal, but it also makes this country quite vibrant and charming. If you want to discover beautiful lakes, volcanic mountains, beaches, forests, museums, art galleries, concerts, and malls, then Portugal is the place for you. You can also visit the three most beautiful cities of Portugal-- Barcelos, Braga, and Abrantes -by getting a car hire in Portugal.

Rent a car in Portugal for an enlivening visit to Barcelos

Barcelos features antique towns, shops, cafes, and parks. The beauty of Mother Nature takes your breath away when you arrive at this scenic city. The first people to settle down in this city, were the Romans, and that says it all when it comes to the functional yet dazzling architecture of the city. One of the most famous spots in this city is Barcelinhos Parish. It is a completely mesmerizing community which boasts of beautiful houses, parks, and restaurants. It also has a few local art galleries which are quite intriguing. It is like a small magical land in the midst of huge trees and lakes, and it definitely is a treasure of nature. So find a cheap car to hire in Portugal and be sure to visit this community.

Visit the mesmerizing city of Braga

Braga is one of the most extensive cities of Portugal. It is a modern city, as can be seen from its galleries, malls, and cafes, but at the same time it exhudes a rustic charm which is quite endearing. The traditions, cultures, spices, and sites of this city are very colourful. This city is also known as the hub of museums because there are approximately 10 museums over here. The most famous one is Museum of Image. It is located near Braga castle and it showcases the work of famous photographers. Those who are fond of photography will fall in love with this place.

Abrantes, a small yet enchanting city

Abrantes is a very small city in Portugal, but what makes it special is the fact that it is situated on a hilltop. Because of its location, people are quite eager to visit this city during their vacation. Everything in this city has a mystic aura. It is a sight to see in the mornings, when everything is covered by a mist. Gradually the sun bestows its warmth on every particle in the area. The most famous attraction of the city is Sao Joao Church. This church is quite old and is small, but has a serene ambience. You should definitely visit this church on your trip to Abrantes.

Avail of a car rental in Portugal

Visiting Portugal can be a little hectic because there are so many places to visit. Thus, it is advisable that when you come here, you get a car for rent in Portugal. A car rental service will help you find a suitable car, which you can drive to various sights and attractions with ease and convenience. Car hire will enable you to visit more cities, like Beja and Canico. So make your trip more enjoyable by hiring a car in this vast and beautiful land.

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