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Porto, or Oporto, is a city in Portugal. It is the second largest city in Portugal and is located in Norte Region. Other cities in the region are Amarante, Gondomar, Paredes, Trofa, and Maia. Port wine is named after Porto due to the city’s production of this famous wine. The city is also home to several attractions and sceneries, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal. Just like some of the other cities in Portugal, Porto came under the control of the Moors in the past.

Rent a Car in Porto and Plan Your Vacation

One of the first things that you should consider when going on a vacation is your destination. This is important since all the preparations that you need would depend on your destination. If you are planning to visit Europe, then you might want to go on a road trip around the region. There are several countries in Europe that share borders, so you can easily travel from one country to the other. If you are planning to drop by Portugal, then you should visit Porto. Book a car rental in Porto and go on an adventure.

Enjoy the City

In order to fully enjoy your experience in Porto, you must first know where to go in the city. As the second largest city in Portugal, you’ll find a lot of businesses and establishments in the city. Book a car for hire in Porto and explore. Take note of establishments that you might need to visit some other time. You can also browse through the shopping districts and restaurants in the area, so you can have an idea of where to go and where to eat while on vacation. While you’re at it, make yourself at home and unwind in Porto.

European Culture Capital

Porto has been named as the European Culture Capital for a reason. Discover the reason behind this title by booking a car for rent in Porto and visiting popular attractions in the city. The city is home to several architectural wonders such as the Coliseu do Porto, the Casa da Musica, the Sao Joao National Theatre, the Batalha cinema, and the Rivoli Theatre. You can also go on a gastronomic adventure in Porto. Sample famous dishes such as Tripas a Moda do Porto, which is made out of intestines of farm animals; Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa, and Francesinha. Of course, your vacation wouldn’t be complete without a sip of Porto’s popular port wine.

Hire a Car in Porto and Have a Blast

Porto, as the second largest city in the country, can give you almost the same experience as a vacation in Lisbon, without the crowds. Have fun and explore the streets of the city as you relax and unwind. If you’re going to Lisbon, make sure to drop by Porto before going back home.

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