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Lajes refers to the oldest as well as the most enchanting of the triple Pico municipalities. It gives one a glimpse into the golden era of whaling. A majority of the ancient buildings have managed to survive the ages virtually unscathed. This town is a great attraction for whaling enthusiasts. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity to this town include Porto, Caceres, Salamanca, Badajoz and Ourense.

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There are a number of attractions in and around Lajes. The Museo de Baleeiros is also known as the Whalers’ Museum. It is located in three ancient buildings that were used by whalers as a blacksmith’s forge and a place for keeping their boats. These set of buildings date back to the nineteenth century and have managed to retain their original condition. The museum features a wide variety of tools and equipment that was used to hunt down whales. Additionally, it also features scrimshaw which is a type of art which uses the teeth and bones of whales as their primary material. To get to this attraction you need to rent a car in Lajes.

Other popular attractions in Lajes

The Ermida de São Pedro boasts of being of the few places that showcases the history of the island of Pico. It is chapel that dates back to the fifteenth century and which was constructed to serve as an act of thanksgiving by the first wave of settlers. It has been renovated a number times but it still maintains its ancient primitive appeal. The Parque Florestal do Mistério de Sao João is also known as Forest of Sao João is an extensive forest that covers over 210 hectares. It features children’s play grounds as well as picnic areas. Other attractions include botanical plants. To get to these attractions you need to hire a car in Lajes.

Other notable attractions in Lajes

The Lajes Parish Church boasts of a number of features including a nineteenth century organ. It also features a magnificent alabaster statue of Virgin Mary. Originally, the church belonged to a former Franciscan convent constructed in the eighteenth century but which is now home to the Town Hall. The other attraction is the Whaling Port located in Calheta de Nesquim. It was the first base for hunting of the sperm whale which was established in the year 1876. It has a number of portraits which showcases some of the renowned whalers. To get to these attractions you need car rental in Lajes.

Getting to other attractions with car for rent in Lajes

The Silveira is renowned for being the only source of mineral water on the Island. There are also various rock formations. Other attractions include Cais do Pico, Madelana, Furna de Drei Matias among others.

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