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In the past, Cascais was a former residence to many European royal families such as Spain, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria. Now, it is a charming tourism village in Portugal mainland. Normally, people travel from far away to here just to enjoy its beaches and relaxing atmosphere. You will find out how far it is worthwhile by yourself.

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In fact, Cascais is a tiny little town. It is best to travel around by foot or bicycle. Sometimes, cycling sounds as a must-do thing to bike uphill or around the town centre. Be sure that you know how to handle some minor breakdown cases because they are possibly not well-maintained. Anyway if you rent a car in Cascais, you can always take a car ride to its neighboring Lisbon, Guincho, Estoril, Torre and Cobre while staying in this beautiful town as a base.

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Its yacht harbor can be claimed as the remarkable landmark in Cascais. As mentioned above, the Guincho beach offers a spectacular seascape and also itself as a well preserved spot for surfing, sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing. It is together complemented by its weather condition. You can see lights during the nights. It is symbolic of those old lighthouses and strongholds. At the same time, they also become the symbol for this village as well. During the day, you can go to Saint Sebastian Chapel while at night you can amble along the beachside. There is always room for silence or thrill in Cascais.

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Casa das Historias de Paula Rego tells you interesting stories in a way no one did and can do. Mixing this town’s history and her paintings, this house leads you along the path to find the pre-historic legends behind those buildings, rocks and seas. There are others playing the same roles such as the Museums of the Sea and the Museum Condes de Castro Guimaraes. In addition, the Cidadela de Cascais was a lovely place for the Royals and is a favorite attraction for each and every tourist today.

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Just keep the journey on since you hire a car in Cascais. Tourists can get a bite of relaxation in Cascais but full extent of this when they continue their journey to everywhere in Portugal. As long as you have allowable travel duration, why don’t you imitate them also? Life is always the best with a good car for hire in Cascais.

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