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Portugal is a beautiful country blessed with beautiful places located especially at its coastlines. Some of the most popular coastal places in Portugal are Praia da Marinha, Costa do Sol and Algarve. Algarve is the most southern region of Portugal and it is a really popular tourist destination. This is all because of their beautiful beaches and caves that can be explored easily. There are several cities and towns inside Algarve and one of them isArmacao de Pera. Hire a car in Armacao de Pera and you will be able to visit many famous places inside Algarve.

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During its early days, Armacao de Pera is just a place for a nearby town to park their fishing boats. However, the increase of tourism inside Algarve transformed this ordinary place into a spectacular vacation place. Armacao de Pera is especially popular during the summer where people from Spain and United Kingdom come to this town in crowds. This is because the resorts here are located really close to the beach so you can visit it at any time of the day.

Events in Armacao de Pera

As one of the popular destinations inside Algarve, there are several events being held at this town. The first big event of the town will be Procissao do Corpo de Deus Festival in May. It is a festival from the 18th century that is filled with dance performances that goes on from morning till night. The Town Holiday during the summer will also be a memorable day for your vacation. This is because various activities are held around the town to commemorate the day like food fairs, fun fairs and street market.

Beautiful, Must Visit Beaches

As like any other coastal sides of the country, Armacao de Pera is also popularised by its beaches. The beaches here are known for their finely grained sand like Praia dos Pescadores, Salomao Beach and Mare Grande. During summer, you can see these beaches to be filled with tourists from all over the world. Therefore, rent a car in Armacao de Pera so that you can reach the beach before anyone else! There are also several sea caves around the shores of Armacao de Pera that can only be explored by boat. If you have time to visit them, just go to the tourist centre located at the beaches’ shores.

Utilize Car Rental in Armacao de Pera

A holiday in Armacao de Pera will be something that you cannot forget. The best time to visit this town will be during the summer because of the fine weather and the calm ocean current. Your vacation here will be a blast but make sure that you use car for hire in Armacao de Pera to gain more memorable experiences here.

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