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Located ideally near the Baltic Sea, Szczecin is the largest seaport of Poland. The city is the capital of West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is dotted with restaurants, top notch hotels, and other amenities, which make it an alluring tourist destination. Being near the Baltic Sea and between two famous populous countries in Europe, Szczecin has been successful in attracting tourists for many years. The presence of lush green forests, abundance of lakes and beaches around the city, offer visitors an amalgamation of modern settlement and nature. There are many sights and attractions that are worth visiting not only in Szczecin but also in the surrounding towns and villages, like Stargard Szczeciński, Pyrzyce, Mieszkowice, Kolbacz, and Kołbaskowo. If you hire a car in Szczecin, you can enjoy all this without the inconvenience of getting local transportation.

Get the best of the city when you rent a car in Szczecin

The city of Szczecin has a lot to offer to any visitor, but the wide array of attractions and things to do make it imperative that you get yourself a car for rent in Szczecin. This will allow you to check out all that there is to see and admire in this beautiful Polish city. You can kick off your stay in the city by visiting Cathedral Tower. This was once a part of the intricately designed St James Metropolitan. There is an observation deck for tourists here for sightseeing purposes. No trip to Szczecin is complete without visiting the magnificent Orion Squares. Since the layout of the city has been planned according to the pattern of the Egyptian pyramids and constellations of Orion, these squares present a unique and magical experience to visitors.

Summer Theatre

Just next to the scenic Rósałka Lake rests the Summer Theatre, which is not only a venue for performances and concerts but also an architectural masterpiece. The Summer Theatre is the largest in Poland, with a seating capacity for 4500 people. Not only is it the largest theatre, but it is also known for its brilliant acoustics. Also, the performances are complemented with outstanding lights that help in illuminating the theatre. If you are in Szczecin and there is a performance or concert, it is worthwhile to get yourself a seat in the theatre.

Why go to Venice when you can come to Szczecin

Szczecin is indeed a unique tourist city as it has many attractions that are not usually found all in one city. The Odra River that flows in the city offers visitors the pleasure of boating and a sight of many historic buildings that were once part of the industrial apparatus of the city. The city government is intending to carry out some development, so that the city can be known as the Venice of the North.

Get a car for hire in Szczecin for a great time

You can also enjoy the Old Tran that runs every Sunday. It takes you to all the important landmarks and places of interest. During other days in Szczecin, you must contact a car rental in Szczecin to go wherever and whenever you want. A rented car gives you the freedom to plan the trip as you want and when you want.

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