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If you are enamored by the natural beauty of Cebu City in the Philippines, you will not be disappointed with your vacation. This is a natural paradise that is the capital of the province of Cebu. The Portuguese were the first to explore the island, but the city came under Spanish rule for a long time.

Car rental in Cebu is of great help

If you are in the province of Cebu, you have myriad attractions and islands to visit in a short time. It makes sense to have a car at your disposal to cover all places of tourist attractions; as otherwise, you may have to make do with local transport, which is not very efficient.

Lapu Lapu Shrine and other attractions

There are many historical sites, churches, and monuments in Cebu that are worthy of a visit. The Lapu Lapu Shrine is a memorial dedicated to the bravery of a local chieftain who resisted foreign oppressors. In fact, Lapu Lapu is credited to be first of the national heroes of the Philippines. One of the top attractions for tourists, the shrine can easily be visited frequently if you happen to rent a car in Cebu. There is also Magellan’s Cross in the nearby area, which is believed to be the exact place where the Portuguese explorer died.

Scuba diving and other thrilling activities

Being an island, there is plenty of sun and sand for tourists to lie on their backs the whole day. However, most canbe seen taking part in water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and surfing to have a more exciting vacation. One of the most exciting activity for those looking for adrenaline rush is to get a feeling of being hanged from the 41st floor of the tallest building, the Crowen Regency. This is called Sky Experience Adventure and allows one to have a look at the city below from such a height.

Hire a car in Cebu to cover all places of tourist attraction

The oldest religious relic in the Philippines is the statue of Santo Niño, which is housed in the Minor Basilica of the Santo Niño, an old and large church that was built during the sixteenth century. The church also houses a museumwhere tourists can see the vestments that were used for the immortal Saint Niño. If you are fond of shopping, you can visit Colon Street at night to see a glittering market with all modern shops. Having a car for hire in Cebu is invaluable, because you can easily be duped by local taxis. If you can arrange a car for rent in Cebu, you not only save on your money but also save on time, which allows you to visit nearby cities such as Danao, Bogo, Naga, Carcar, Toledo, and Talisay. This means you can have more fun in the same time period.

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