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Madang is situated on the northern sealine of the mainland of Papua New Guinea. The province is famous for its many high peaks, in fact having the highest peaks in the country. Madang also has active volcanoes, and unique and variety of languages from all the tribes. Madang is roughly 300-kilometres long and has four main large islands and many other small offshore islands. With a total area of 29,000 square kilometres, Madang is the prettiest town in the Pacific, and is the best place to start off your Papua New Guinea visit. Nearby towns namely Goroka, Kainantu, Kundiawa, and Lae are easily accessible by a car, so be sure to rent a car in Madang.

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Being a town on the coastline, snorkelling is without a doubt the main attraction of Madang. Madang’s crystal clear seas, unique fishes, and WWII shipwrecks all adds up to create the best place for snorkelling. Local tour specialists would bring visitors to places like Barracuda Point, the Eel Gardens or the Planet Rock which are names of famous snorkeling spots all around Madang. When arriving in Madang, be sure to have a car rental and visit these snorkelling spots to have the best time in Madang underwater.

A little part of history

Coastwatchers’ Memorial Beacon, a 30-metre high monument noticeable from up to 25 kilometres away, serves as a reminder to veterans who stayed and reported on invaders’ troops and ship movement during the WWII times. Though the memorial isn’t the most eye catching monument, it is compensated by a 3-kilometre long beach south of the memorial. The beach is serene and perfect for a romantic stroll or an evening walk, with the beach surrounded by palm trees and painted by spectacular views across Astrolabe Bay. To travel back in time in Madang, be sure to hire a car in Madang and go to the Coastwatchers Memorial Beacon today.

Shopping paradise

What’s a travel to Madang like without doing a little shopping experience? The Madang market, only steps away from the city centre is a mix of unique scents and sights. Tourists will usually look for the Bilbil clay pots which are gems to the eyes of an collector. Highlanders, a tribe from mountains, come down every day to sell produce, clothing, seashell jewelries, and other handmade crafts. The many varieties of things to see and buy are definitely going to satisfy one’s shopping list. However, be sure to browse for a car rental in Madang and experience the Madang Market today.

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Prepare a checklist of things to bring for your vacation, and list down the places you want to go to so time is not wasted during your vacation. Be sure to search online for a car rental so you can enjoy your vacation more!

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