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Lae, often called the Gateway to the Highlands, is a charming city in Papua New Guinea that was born in the gold mine rush periods of the 1920s and remained as one of the busiest airstrips in the world for a long time due to the gold frenzy. Now a quintessentially urban city, Lae is an outstanding tourist attraction in Papua New Guinea. Although Lae has a wonderful transport system, you obviously shouldn’t waste your precious sightseeing hours waiting for tickets and your shuttles to arrive. With the car rental in Lae facility that we provide, you can explore this marvelous city in your own stead.

Hire a Car in Lae and Move Around Downtown

Papua New Guinea University of Technology, which is located in Lae, has a splendid rainwater reserve facility, a simulation of the rainforests of Papua New Guinea replete with the species of animals and birds found there. Spread over 10 hectares, this marvel is sure to take your breath away. If you are a devout patriot and wish to pay homage to the martyrs who died in the battle against Japan in the Second World War, you must visit the Lae War Memorial, where more than 2800 soldiers are buried. The Lae Botanical Garden, though not always open to the public, has also been a great delight, with an airplane displayed in all glory at the center.

Outdoor Activities in Lae

As Lae is located very close to the coastline, there are enormous water-based recreation activities you can hope to have here. Fishing for game is a large pursuit, both among locals and tourists. There are a lot of trips chartered by various associations, and you can have a lovely time fishing sardines, tunas, trout, and sailfish. Moreover, Lae is a fantastic place for you to charter yachts and have a fantastic seaside sojourn. If the weather is great, you can spot big fish and whales from your yacht. Trips to the coast from Lae can easily be taken with a car for hire in Lae.

Head to Umboi Island and Salamaua

With a car for rent in Lae, you can reach the docks by the coast and then charter a yacht or hire a ferry to take you to the glorious Umboi Island and Salamaua, where you can find extensive beaches, countryside spots, vantage points where the Lae skyline is visible, and great ship wrecks that are also diving sites. The best part of the islands is that there are no hotels and resorts polluting the premises, and you might have to ask around if a local would lend you a cottage for the night.

Rent a Car in Lae and Drive to Bulolo and Wau

Bulolo and Wau are great places to visit, and you can reach these gold rush towns with comfort and at your own pace through a car rental. You can trek about in the wilderness, play golf, search for gold in the hilly terrain, and marvel at the beautiful places you see. A vacation in Lae is the best gift you could ever give your family this holiday.

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