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Colon City, the second largest city of Panama, is located on the coast of Caribbean Sea. Being a seaport, Colon city is an important city for the country. It is also a great holiday destination for you to spend your holidays. The city is dominantly known for its Colon 2000 cruise ship port which is responsible for drawing many tourists every year. The region that surrounds this brilliant city features many alluring attractions. These include the lovely beaches, historical sites and, above all else, national parks. But to have a perfect vacation in Colon City, it is important that you rent a car in Colon City so that you can travel easily without any fuss or hassle.

Hire a car in Colon City to visit the Chagres National Park

During your vacation in the Colon City, it is important that you visit the very famous Chagres National Park. This park is known for the scenic and picturesque views that it offers. Another reason why you will fall in love with the park is the presence of the lovely Chagres River, which flows through it. You can enjoy camping on its banks and also find facilities for rafting on the river. Ornithologists will love the park because it is home to many exotic and amazing bird species that are extremely rare. But the most wonderful fact about the park is that it has a magnificent peak called Boss Mountain. You can get on top of it and see brilliant views of the park, the city and also of the famous Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal

It will be a tragedy if you are in Colon City and you don’t visit the famous Panama Canal. The visit to Panama Canal will be the centerfold of your trip to Colon City. The canal links both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans together. The canal itself is a remarkable example of human engineering and draws many engineers and architects from across the globe to visit it. Imagine watching the ships of goliath sizes and magnificent coastal views; now that is a vacation you cannot miss.


Colon City also allows you to enjoy many great places that are in its neighbourhood. Among many cities and areas surrounding the Colon City, you will be mesmerized by Portobelo, which is right outside the city. Here you will find numerous ruins that will remind you of the splendor that it enjoyed when it was the centre of the silver trade. Due to many raids, the city population dwindled and now is home to only 5,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless it is worth visiting. To get to Portobelo easily, you must contact any reliable company for a car rental in Colon City.

Using car for hire in Colon City, wonderful and convenient

When you are planning your vacations to Colon City, it is important that you get a car for rent in Colon City. The reason is that it will allow you to easily get around without hailing taxis or using the local transportation network. You will have complete freedom to explore without any kind of problem. In fact you can visit other places nearby like Portobelo. You can also include Margarita, Cativa , Gatun, and also Buena Vista in your travel plans. A rented car will make your vacation more than just an outing.

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